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Fantasy update – as requested by a member:

Charlotte woke up that day in yet another hotel room. Light was already getting in through the blinds. She did not even remember where she was when she woke up. Her job as a flight attendant meant she often slept in different hotels all over the world.
A little dazed, she heard the jingle of something metallic when she moved. Ah yes, the collar! The O-ring sure made a lot of noise, but she was getting used to it. She moved the blanket out of the way, and there it was: her chastity belt. She would have to go another day in the belt, serving people drinks on the plane with a fake smile, her last flight before she would go home for a few days. She had been locked for about 4 days, and she was really starting to hate these airline rules: ‘all flight attendants should be belted and the keys will be kept at the hub airport’. This was supposed to make her more focused on the job. It also prevented attendants from meeting people in hotel bars, making sure they were in time for their flights in the morning.
She started to get up and out of bed, not so easy in a chastity belt first thing in the morning. She tried to adjust it, but it was very tight. Charlotte sighed. She continued to get dressed, looking at herself in the mirror. The belt would be hidden by her uniform, but she lost her scarf yesterday so the collar would be visible on today’s flight! She felt a bit ashamed, but she really wanted to get home today. Maybe one of the other attendants would have a spare scarf?
At the airport, Charlotte’s airline had special clearance for staff to go through security in their metal gear. She tried to go to the toilet. She was still not used to peeing through the perforated secondary shield, and she hated that she had to take her whole uniform off to prevent it from getting wet. Peeing in the belt could be a bit messy. But today, she couldn’t pee at the airport toilet, no matter how hard she tried. Great… that meant she would have to go on the flight, that was even harder! Charlotte shook her head. One more flight and she would be home, where the keys would await her! She would be so glad to take off the belt and collar! But on the other hand, she knew she would be locked back in for her next work week very soon…

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  1. Basil Blake says:

    Cute! I wish this open minded airline was real. Last year, my cousin had to decline working at Frankfurt Airport because of her chastity belt. Her My-Steel Total would definitely have caused some troubles there…

    Now she works for a local bakery instead, where she can wear her belt without any problems.

    On the other hand, I do not like the idea of commiting her keys to her employer (even for storage at a “hub airport”…).

    However: Nice story… :-)

    • Chaste-ish Girl says:

      Is your cousin engaged? What are her plans was she going to school?

    • Does she wear her belt the whole day? At what age did she start to wear her belt? Is it sometimes possible for her to masturbate? Who has the keys?
      I think more people should wear chastity belts, either men and women.

  2. Basil Blake says:

    It’s a bit discriminating against women but: I’m very happy about the fact that male chastity is perfectly “airport compatible”.

    My girlfriend would never allow me travelling without chastity. And thanks to those numbered plastic locks, it’s very easy to go on “chaste business trips”. :-)

    The only incident I remember in this regard is the confused look in the eyes of a security guard, when she unintentionally touched my crotch during some checks. If she only knew… ;-)

  3. well, a diaper might help her ;)

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