chastity belt 

Poor Little Caprice, chained and plugged on the bed for an afternoon. Well, more like 4 hours, it wasn’t that long. But without her phone or anything to do, it was long enough for her.
She sneered at me when I entered. ‘Finally you are back!’, she said. She seemed really desperate. Maybe it is really true that Little Caprice can not go without masturbating for very long. A little search online certainly seems to confirm that, but I thought that was just an act? The big plug inside her had made her really wet, since the standard MySteel plug has quite a thick base and metal balls in descending size. It kept her pussy active and stimulated when she moved (even if she moved just a little). I think a plug is a really good training tool in combination with a chastity belt, but many people seems to think it is contradictory.
Anyway, it worked, because after a little tease with the keys, Caprice snatched them from my hands, unlocked her belt (with some difficulty) and removed the plug from her pussy. She started masturbating right away! I was still in the room, filming, but she did not care! She needed to get her relief. Well, she earned it!
I think the best part was that she did not even notice her collar was still chained to the bed after she came, and she realized I had not give her the key to unlock the chain. Which I wasn’t going to for a while… Caprice was too tired to protest, she just collapsed on the bed, happy that she was finally released of her belt and plug. She is so awesome, if it wasn’t illegal I would have kept her forever. But I have had enough problems with that already, so I won’t try that again ;)

8 comment(s) to “Caprice gets her release”

  1. Little Caprice is so lovely, gorgeous and cute. Really is wonderful that she gets capture in such a manner and is allowed to cum on her own. Maybe it would be better to have Little Caprice with a female lesbian companion to keep her CUMPANY next time so that they can play a little bit together and possibly CUM together next time.

  2. This is one of the reasons I subscribed to your site. Though 4 hours is not long enough. I think Caprice should locked and plugged for at least 24 hours.

  3. Great to see the relief after the unbelting videoed, too!

    She definately needs a deal, where she would be belted again after release… for a bit longer and longer time ;b

  4. a rest until the next time put into another belt….

  5. Definitely support the idea of a longer belting, with at least one plug !

  6. Any girl as lovely as Caprice should be protected from masturbating indefinitely.

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