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PhilippinesSorry about the lack of updates with Davon, we have been going through a roller coaster ride of legal and emotional issues, as well as problems with her past relationships and employers. Looks like most of that is solved now and Davon will still be able to stay at my studio as a resident pet slave.
Please don’t email me anymore about slavery or setting bad examples. The agreement with Davon is fully mutual and she can ask to be released at any time. This means she can no longer stay at my place and she will have to go back to the Philippines, because there is nothing left here for her. For me it is a charity case, for Davon it is a way to stay in Europe for the time being. She was out of the gear for a while, but she has now been locked back in (she asked for it when all the problems were solved), and it looks like she is here to stay for quite a while. She signed a contract! For those of you who are interested, the contract states the minimum gear is a chastity belt, chastity bra, heavy collar, and heavy wrist cuffs. Plugs and more gear can be added at my discretion. She will help me in the studio, and she will also be available for Meet & Greet sessions and shoots if anyone would like to see her (and maybe check on her, if you think that is necessary).
Davon has accepted her role now and I have been training her to be a good (and very tiny) chastity pet slave. She can assume a few basic slave position already, and she has stopped crying and whimpering (for the most part, nights are still hard, and plugs aren’t her favorite either). I would love for some of you to come over and meet her. She will appreciate the distraction! If you’d like to see Davon for a nice Meet & Greet, please email me at and we will set it up! Previous Meet & Greets with Donna, Natalia Forrest, Dominique, and a few others have been a big success!


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  1. Glad to see she’s doing well! Give her a pat on the head from me for being such a good pet! She’s definitely earned the praise!

  2. I’m so happy to see Kim adapting and discovering the benefits of submission! The constant punishing was almost breaking her out, great to know she’s settling.

    The fact, that she’s arising feelings of responsibility like Amarantha LaBlanche once did, too, is a fact that you should not try to deny, but rather further exploit! As I wrote earlier, put up a vote when (and how!) she would get some “relief” for her predicament, and took us all with you to this charity :b

    My top votes right now:
    1) give her something that she can try to get anal relief now; that back hole in her belt is simply toooo inviting!
    2) offer to change all her gear, except belt, to real high heels that come with locks, and for so long time as she wants her current gear back! (example:

    And If you someday get tired for running charity, give her my e-mail :)

  3. Glad to see your pet is still with you. Does she get supervised toilet breaks or, now she is under contract, does the belt stay on except for the occasional clean and shave?

  4. have her stay for a long time …

  5. LoveSteel says:

    Perfect! This is the right outfit for any girl. Well done webmaster and good luck Davon with all these nice locked shiny steel accessories. Really looks great and safe!

  6. WOW! Thanks! Davon Kim is an absolute dream cum true! Davon Kim is gorgeously stunning in this shoot and LOVE the video as well. Really must second a previous posts comments regarding some sexy fashionable high heels that can be LOCKED on with matching padlocks and would like to add that Davon Kim needs some ankle cuffs that would match her wrist cuffs. Would also like to see Davon Kim wearing some upper arm bands as well as thigh bands that would match and for further restraining and submission have the whole chastity ensemble linked together with the flat chains and secured with additional locks. Davon Kim is wonderful and just have to ask if she or her master/webmaster has considered the idea of getting HER PERFECT NIPPLES PIERCED ? Davon Kim would be PERFECTLY PERFECT with PIERCED NIPPLES adorning her fabulous body and would further re-inforce her submission to be a TRUE CHASTITY BABE. Thanks to the webmaster and to Davon Kim for such wonderful adult entertainment. ~S

  7. Great update! Davon is beautiful in all her gear.

  8. NICE! Davon Kim is beautiful and such a lovely model. Really is nice to get an update at this time of the year. I SECOND the suggestion that the Beautiful Davon Kim should have her ERECT NIPPLES PIERCED with a pair of stainless steel horizontal bars with some decorative “diamond” jeweled tips on the sides and maybe have some circular discs installed behind the PIERCED NIPPLES that would have a smooth circular hole that would enable the NIPPLES to pass through and stuck out. The look and the effect would be so BEAUTIFUL to bring focus and attention to her PERFECTLY formed hardened perky and erect NIPPLES. As for other chastity additions I for one would LOVE to see Davon Kim in some more predicament type settings. Also, do you have any other Oriental or Asian or Japanese chastity babes for the future?

  9. INTENSE! Wickedly intense! Absolutely got to LOVE the wonderfully lovely Davon Kim. Oriental models are so wonderfully submissive and so compliant plus Davon Kim is so tiny yet so beautiful. This is a wonderful update shoot from several months of withdrawal and not getting to see Davon Kim in her chastity outfit. Just would also like to request that the idea of Davon Kim getting her NIPPLES PIERCED is a great idea and would certainly love to see that implemented on her body and if you could film it I would become a member for life just to see Davon Kim showcase her PIERCED NIPPLES while dressed in a complete chastity outfit of bra, cuffs, shield and the accompanying linking chains. Thank you webmaster for such great updates from the lovely Davon Kim. Look forward to see more and more of Davon Kim.

  10. Davon needs a good home.

  11. Chill. Those of us who understand know fully well the eroticism of your relationship to Davon. Know that none of the many folks involved would stand for a ‘non-consensual’ relationship.

    It’s part of the point, part of the fun, that the submissive finds certain aspects unpleasant (while it arousing him or her immensely at the same time). D/S is a tremendously complex and difficult relationship. You seem to have made a real good one with Davon. Most of the other women seem like hired hands with little erotic involvement in comparison. I bet you love her.

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