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English dialogueMany of you have been requesting a new update in the Shock category. I admit, it has been a while, I don’t really want to scare off potential Chastity Babes too much, but once in a while a Shock update is quite fun to do!
Of course, one of the Babes I immediately think of when issuing a shock challenge is Yasmine. She has gone through so many electro play experiences already on this website, and she is stunningly gorgeous. She does not trust me at all (not anymore), so when I tell her to walk the treadmill in high heels and lingerie, with a control box on the back of her belt and two big electro pads in a very interesting place, she hesitates, but she still does as she is told. I’m very lucky Yasmine is so submissive and a bit gullible.
Walking fast in high heels on a treadmill is not easy. It is actually a bit dangerous. Then add a chastity belt to that, and it is already a good Challenge, as we have seen before. Now add a mad guy with a remote control and this has really become a case of ‘do-not-try-this-at-home’!! It is very hard for Yasmine to keep her step when she is shocked, and each time I increase the intensity. She loses her rhythm with every shock, and has to regain her balance in her high heels to avoid any serious accidents.
Yasmine also has to turn up the speed of the treadmill gradually, so in the end (at the fastest walking pace and the most severe shock), she almost falls, flipping her ankle in her tall heels. She has to stop the treadmill and give up, she really can’t take any more. But I think she did not fail at all! She did very well!
Again, don’t try this at home. We are trained professionals. Kind of…

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  1. Bloody difficult experience !

  2. Beutiful girl, I would watch her longer even without shocking!

  3. What is her surname

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