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This could be such a cool movie title: ‘a night in Latowski’. Oh wait, it is a movie (kind of)! Check out this week’s video of Tess Lyndon trying to sleep in a female Latowski chastity belt. She is probably the first girl in the world ever to try this! And you can see it here!
Well, let’s just say it wasn’t easy. Tess did not get much sleep in her rigid lower body shell. The metal is pretty thin without any lining, and the whole belt shifts on her body which makes it dig into her legs and hips. Needless to say, this is a prototype belt, so it wasn’t designed for long term wear (or any wear at all, in fact). This is not even a real Chastity Deal. It’s more of a Challenge. And Tess was determined (yes, because of the money). After all, what is one night sleep?
In the morning, Tess certainly looked a bit dishevelled. No sleep does that to a girl. She wasn’t speaking to me at all, but I’ve noticed more girls do that in the morning (the so-called ‘get lost with your camera’ look). I’m probably a bit weird, but I think Tess looked amazing! The belt was such a good fit for her! There was absolutely no chance for her to get it off without the key. And that’s what it is all about. Now if Latowski just would commit to developing this a bit further, with a secondary shield and some lining, it could be a winner! The only problem would be that these belts would have to be custom made for each individual Chastity Babe, making it too expensive for me, unless I pick one babe to be locked in Latowski for a long term Deal.
We can dream… there don’t seem to be any plans to develop a female Latowski line, and the prototype has been returned to Latowski a few years ago. Sometimes I wish I still had it. It is so awesome!

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  1. Tess looks frustrated in the lower right picture. Next time, give her a deal in a really good fitting comfortable belt. Tess, you made it. :-), thankfully. I didn’t know the Latowski belt for ladies was never a complete project. I know the man running the show only makes male belts. Why not make belts for the ladies, they need love too.

  2. The 15 hours Latowsky C.B. experience has proved what we did expect.

    That belt is really a beautiful piece of art, especially when it covers belly and buttocks of a nice woman, but totally a misfit for wearing it or protecting the wearer as for manufacturing cost !

    A C.B. to forget for wearing, even if some of our site’s fans love it for its look and fantasize about it ! :-)

  3. i could see a Latowski body shell

  4. other chastitybabes in this kind of deal greatly appreciated

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