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PhilippinesPoor Davon has good days and bad days, like every girl locked in steel. Of course, the very heavy collar does not help, but it is part of her Deal. And I love her in the heavy collar.
I also love chaining her to the wall when I don’t need her to be my studio assistant, so she can sleep in her little room that I decorated in Asian style. She does not even have to sleep in her cage anymore, because some of you protested against this very vocally. I recently locked her in a chastity bra too, which (again) did not help her mood, and the 5 ball long plug is still inside her at all times. Too summarize: Davon had a lot of reasons to complain about her situation and that is what she did. All day. Every day. Non stop. Whining, begging, ‘this is too heavy’, ‘this is too much’, ‘I don’t like this’.
Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I know her complaining isn’t real. She just loves to nag me to the point I give in and remove some of the items. She will think she has won, her own little victory. But it doesn’t work anymore, I know her now. But I had to stop the whining somehow. So I did what a lot of you had already suggested: I finally had to lock a ballgag into her mouth.
It had to be done. But don’t think this stopped her complaining. She still made a lot of noise through the gag. The gag also made her drool uncontrollably, which would mean I had to come back often to give her breaks to replenish all the water that she was losing.
I think we have reached the ultimate point of her Chastity Deal. If this does not turn her around soon and make her more docile, I may have to end the Chastity Deal myself and send her home. The good days with Davon are so nice (she is lovely and very funny), but the bad days… my ears just can’t take it anymore.

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  1. I almost feel sorry her ( NOT!! ).

  2. About time she was gagged. If that doesn’t stop her complaining get a bitter ball :)

  3. WOW! Davon Kim is absolutely gorgeous and love the outfit and the chastity deal she has with chastity babes. Would really like to see Davon Kim CONFIRM her status as a chastity babe and think that the addition of NIPPLE PIERCINGS would be a wonderful addition to her shoots. Maybe some small NIPPLE BARS PIERCING her NIPPLES with diamond studs on the sides of her NIPPLE PIERCINGS. One other request would be how about another outdoor shoot but this time insert a VIBRATING DILDO inside her love tunnel with a hand held remote control activating the VIBRATING DILDO to keep her cumpany and aroused as well as entertained. Davon Kim is GREAT! Absolutely love the gag but the chastity bra obscures Davon’s wonderful breast and especially her nipples. Has Davon had her NIPPLES PIERCED? We certainly hope so and the healing time will be perfect while in a chastity bra. If Davon did get HER PERFECT NIPPLES PIERCED, may we get a peak on them while they are healing? Davon Kim is a fantastic model and the gag may be needed but Davon is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!

  4. Chastity Lover says:

    Davon is so much lovelier with the gag. I find the drooling very erotic.

    Each part of her deal and visit has been a pleasure for me. I hope it never ends!

  5. Why can’t you simply label this as a fantasy update?

      • ok.. cool I’ll consider rejoining next month. Any chance, we might see more from kitty denied on this page? Transatlantic double lock – you and her boyfriend get the keys – deal?

      • Oh… and I love lockable gags… I wonder if there are lockable blindfolds, too. I mean ok, there are big lockable bdsm masks, but shouldn’t a simple “sleep mask” made of steel bands (like a chastity belt) work? A gel padding sewn in neoprene between the steel and her eyes, would not only keep her eyes comfortable but also prevent the mask from beeing removed because it wouldn’t be able to slide past her cheekbone or forehead

  6. Why not give Davon an ultimatum? Wear stainless steel locking high heels and get her nipples pierced, otherwise send her straight home, no passing go, no collecting $200.

  7. another adventure for Davon Kim; she has far to go before back through looking glass

  8. Magnificent, the gag is a well-deserved accessory and she looks great. Her lipstick is the perfect shade and I bet she is suitably embarrassed by the drooling! Her breasts are beautiful, but she looks great with the bra also. Perhaps the next step should be locking her wrists together. If she wants to whine, give her something more to whine about.

    Please put her back in the cage. You could quite easily fasten the existing cage to another and give her a bit of room to stretch. But the cage is totally appropriate for her.

    Maybe one of your more cooperative and docile girls can come by and cheer her up, hopefully with a kiss.

    She may be tempermental, but please keep her around as long as possible. She has celebrity looks and is really amazing in all that metal. She should be put through an exercise, like serving a group of men while they watch a sporting event. She needs heels for that though!

  9. I guess she needs to be ballgagged with a bigger gag. This gag seems to be to small. ;)
    And what about chaining her a bit more?

  10. I guessed this is not the “ultimate point of her Chastity Deal” as you mentioned. There are still butt plug, vibrating dildo, thigh restraint and leg cuffs.

    And just curious, how long she had been continuously wearing the plug? Is it safe to wear long term?

  11. How about a sensory deprivation hood? No drooling. Just breathing through a couple holes.

    • Love that idea! Have a sensory deprivation hood locked on her. Also nice for heaving a good night sleep without any sound (add ear plugs) and light entering. And the steel bra should be there also of course for safety.

  12. Kim is corgeous girl, but whihing and suffering isn’t beutiful.

    The punishment-reward cycle for collars and cuffs is too long. She has been sidetracked trying to play pity card to get more comfort, instead of trying to be good slave to get more comfort.

    The connection between proper conduct -> reward and improper conduct -> punishment shoud be way more clear. An electrical trainer would perfectly do that!

    Like female-edition for DreamLover2000… Everytime she whines, a little zap!

  13. 尹吹丝听

  14. I live in the PH :) I’ll have her, if she wants me, when she goes back to Cebu.

  15. I wonder if she would be interested in coming to the United States? :-)

  16. I joined this site for this girl life story.

  17. Is Davon still with you?

  18. have not seen any updates of Davonn Kim lately. is she still in holland and affiliated with the site or has she gone home to the phillipines? inquiring minds want to know and see the GORGEOUS Davon Kim back on this site complete with updates. Maybe with PIERCED NIPPLES!?!

  19. New here — Don’t know how much is real and how much is staged but Davon drew me here and after downloading many clips can say that she is by far the hottest woman here, the one who seems to understand the connection between sexuality and submission.

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