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PhilippinesMy Chastity Deal with Davon has been getting mixed responses. Most people are glad she got the opportunity to stay in Holland, and everyone knows she is free to get out of her plugged chastity belt whenever she wants. She will probably have to go back to the Philippines if she chooses to end the Chastity Deal, but she is not a slave or kept in chastity against her will.
Of course, she was crying and begging a lot, so I can see where concerns may have come from. Time to show you a different side of Davon, a Davon who has now completely accepted her plugged belt, and even her heavy collar and cuffs. She can sleep in this collar when she is tired enough and the cuffs are no problem at all (they are actually a good workout for the arms!).
I took Davon for a little walk to interview her about her thoughts of staying in Holland, her life in chastity, and her rough start in this Chastity Deal. If you have cancelled your membership because you thought this Deal was going too far, I would ask you to join again and review this video. If you still have got ‘slavery’ concerns, please email me and I will refund your membership. But I don’t think you will, after seeing this video! Davon is fine, she is happy, and she is enjoying her life in Holland. It will soon be cold enough to wear a scarf and jacket to hide everything, so we don’t get stared at like we did today on this rather unexpectedly busy road!

Davon is available for custom shoots and meet & greets in my studio! Come see her, she will appreciate the distraction! Her collar and cuffs can be removed for shooting. She is not available for any shoots without her chastity belt though.

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  1. Glad to see she has learned obedience enought to be allowed to go outdoors and wear clothes!

    This babe is a embodiment of pure lust, and has caused so many men (and even women) to ache sexual relief so badly, that she really deserves to be belted – and the key destroyed, I.M.O.

    But she doesn’t need to be enslaved, no. Just chastized! By alterating between punishments and rewards, you can train her to be a corgeous chastity queen she should become!

    PS. what a nasty shirt you found – no change to hide her belt, clever!

  2. Id love some footage of Davon ball/bit/ring gagged and in this sort of outfit/setting at some stage :) I know it isnt this sites MO, but itd be enough for me to spring for a membership.

  3. Chastity Lover says:

    I love the deal with Davon. She gets to stay in Holland and enjoy herself. You are able to offer different girls and chastity deals to the website. We get the benefit of seeing such a beautiful girl wearing heavy metal and plugged chastity – something that has been requested often. Donna had a very long deal – I wouldn’t mind if Davon stayed that long. I will be sad when she decides to leave. Until then, I will continue to enjoy all of her updates and wonder what she will have to endure next… perhaps a vibrating plug?

  4. Her change in attitude is all so sudden. Are you sure she’s truly in good spirit about it all? Was it just uncomfortable at first? Isn’t she also feeling torn between two places or frustrated abut her immigration status? I hope there are no problems back home

  5. WOW! Davon Kim is absolutely gorgeous and love the outfit and the chastity deal she has with chastity babes. Would really like to see Davon Kim CONFIRM her status as a chastity babe and think that the addition of NIPPLE PIERCINGS would be a wonderful addition to her shoots. Maybe some small NIPPLE BARS PIERCING her NIPPLES with diamond studs on the sides of her NIPPLE PIERCINGS. One other request would be how about another outdoor shoot but this time insert a VIBRATING DILDO inside her love tunnel with a hand held remote control activating the VIBRATING DILDO to keep her cumpany and aroused as well as entertained. Davon Kim is GREAT!

  6. It looks to me as soon as she realised the moaning and crying would not work she stopped. Apart from the short break you mentioned, to get paperwork sorted, she has been in bondage for essentially four months. Don’t be weak and let her hide her fetters though, after four months she is used to them and they are part of her. Treat her to a maids uniform at the studio, a latex one perhaps, and let her have a short coat over that if she wants to go out. ;)

    • She’s not in bondage :)

      • Okay sweetie, Semantics or lost in translation. Either way. She’s been wearing those fetters and that belt for a very long time indeed. Plus sleeping in a cage too. My neck of the woods we call that bondage. It’s not a bad thing. I’m sure it’s consensual. I’m pretty jealous as it happens. Would love a pretty lass like that calling me Mistress and wearing fetters like that. ;) So more power to your elbow. Keep it up. I’m inthralled. :)

      • What’s the collar & cuffs then, if they’re not elements of bondage?

    • You might also want some pants or some tights handy for when it its cold that day

    • Sebastian says:

      Oh the idea with the latex uniform is great.
      Please do that!

  7. Hey, as long as Davon can smoke cigarettes, she’s a happy girl.

  8. Japan chastity woman says:

    I want to see a combination of a rubber suit and chastity belt and chastity bra .
    I want to see the woman wearing them walk in public .She is also wearing a vibrator in the chest and vagina, the BEST!!

  9. Hi!

    Is it still the five ball-plug she´s wearing?

  10. I like what you have done with Davon and I hope you will continue to be edgy with your website. The models are actresses, not princesses. Their job is to live with some embarrassment and discomfort, and share their experiences and feelings here with subscribers. There is nothing immoral, unethical, or illegal about themed erotica. Their commitments are voluntary and they are duly compensated for their work, this is free speech and free enterprise so kudos to all concerned.

    Agreed, I would love to see Davon in a gag as well as some bedtime mittens. She is beautiful and I love the way her boundaries are being expanded. Challenge her and push her, it’s a wonderful transformation. She might feel some doubt today, but in future times she will love the fact that she gave in and explored a part of herself that she might not have otherwise been comfortable with.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. Mr Frustration says:

    Great to see Davon enjoying herself. I trully hope she becomes a long term part of chastitybabes and your life, but always with her belt, plug, cuffs and collar of course… How is she dealing with being plugged and denied orgasm for such a long time? Does she get extremely horny when moving about or has she become used to it?

  12. webmaster, has there been anymore updates on Davon Kim. we have not seen any new updates in some time ( nearly 2 weeks ) and I am possibly many other fans and members are getting worried about the gorgeously beautiful Davon Kim. has she decided upon getting any additional PIERCINGS? would most definitely agree with a previous poster about Davon Kim getting her perky, erect and hardened nipples PIERCED with small matching studs and diamond chips on the ends. me thinks that it would most definitely entice her fetish sexuality and possibly arouse her inner sexuality. would LOVE to see another update and soon if possible.

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