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On her first real shooting after her Casting, Dominika is feeling more confident already. Her previous belting lasted three hours, this time she will be belted for four hours. She has been reading the comments on her ‘lost innocence’ and thinks this is not true. She was very nervous at the casting and she agrees she did not smile much, but she definitely kept her innocence! After all, isn’t that what chastity belts are for?

Dominika’s confidence has some huge advantages for members: she is feeling very playful in her belt, even a little aroused (which is clearly visible). She is turning and seducing so much in this update that members get to see all sides of the belt up close, both in the pictures and the video.

Although she is warming up to the idea of being a Chastity Babe, this sweet beautiful girl is still not very sure of herself, so please keep that in mind when commenting. You have the power to make her continue her journey or scare her away from this website! Also, please mention in your comments whether you are a member (who has actually seen the pictures and video) or a visitor, so your words can be valued as such.


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  1. esta girl é fantástica e o seu desempenhon esta-me a deixar muito excitado e feliz, eu queria ser o portador da chave do seu cinto de castidade, para fazer dela a melhor chastity babe.

  2. nota-se que esta mulher, gosta de usar o cinto de castidade e vai ser uma boa chastity babe, mas gostava de a ver com umas algemas presas ao cinto de castidade para a deixar mais manietada e também um colar no seu belo pescoço!!!

  3. I still miss the tigh bands… She would look pretty with the bands but…
    Dominika, you are a pretty girl, and you are georgeou in this gallery.
    I am member.
    We only need…. thigh bands!!

  4. Michael says:

    Dominika, it looks like you did a good shoot by looking at the photos. First, you look beautiful in the photos. Each time you wear the belt the more comfortable you will feel. Remember most women on planet Earth are probably scared of wearing a chastity belt, but not you. I am a guest.

  5. Dominika… you are so beautiful ;-) Please consider doing a three-day belting… then I’ll definitely become a member ;-)

    Moreover, this black adjustable belt is not suited for Dominika. Get her a super ergonomic belt with a single “string” (plastic coated metal wire) instead of those with an anus hole.

  6. Only one Word for this:

    AMAZING =)

  7. Im a member and OMG she is gorgeous hot all over :) and she definitely looks awesome belted Keep up the good work hope to see her back? most definitely!.

  8. I’m a visitor and know Dominika from another website about girls in handcuffs. She’s quite a sweet and pretty lady. I love the expression and kindness of her face. The photos are as pretty as her beautiful body. I’d like to talk to her. You can give her my e mail if she wants to write me back. Best regards. From Argentina. Horacio.

  9. Dominika is really sweet girl and I think she should go for at least 1 month chastity contract! I’d also like her being plugged!

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