chastity belt 

English dialogueIt was late at night when Rose Red Tyrell finally returned to her hotel room. She was so tired and she only wanted to do one thing: play with herself! But unfortunately for her, she met me and I challenged her to wear a this chain style chastity belt… is based in Europe. It’s not easy to lock models from the USA in a chastity belt! I am not often over in the States, and not many models venture across the big pond. So when I have the opportunity, I really go for it! Especially models who are amazing and famous like Rose, she is super flexible, super erotic, and her ass has been voted number 1 several times. You can probably see why! She is a very horny bombshell on amazing legs, and she can never wait to get home to play with herself.
Those girls are the most rewarding to lock up, because they really NEED their orgasms, they can not live without that climax. Plus a chain style belt and that amazing ass, it just looks incredible! The belt was nice and tight on her, there was just no way she would be able to play with herself. But going to sleep without orgasm is one of the most horrible things Rose ever did in her life. She was so frustrated, I was afraid she would explode. Literally. To be perfectly honest, I had even hidden the keys in another room in case she would attack me. She didn’t… she was just very frustrated and disappointed. Just the way I like it!


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  1. Rose has an ass worth spanking. Good job locking the metal underwear on her.

  2. WOW! Nice! Rose Red Tyrell is absolutely gorgeous. A wonderful and gorgeous model. Really would be nice to see some additional fetish/bdsm items added to the site. How about incorporating the use of BLACKOUT CONTACT LENSES to cover the model’s gorgeous looking eyes and make them look like a DOLL for a nice visual effect. Would also be great to see Rose Red Tyrell with the ankle cuffs, wrist cuff, collar as well as the link chains to further enhance the effect of what it looks and feels like to be IN CHASTITY. A beautiful model in Rose Red Tyrell.

    • LoveSteel says:

      BLACKOUT CONTACT LENSES would be interesting indeed. It adds to the challenge.

    • David Sellmon says:

      I doubt that RRT is still in the Netherlands but why not have Davon Kim play with some blackout lenses if her contract permits it?


  3. LoveSteel says:

    Good start. Adding a steel bra would make it even better. Lots of fun.

  4. LockedDrew says:

    very sensual. i suppose masturbation protecton is main point for CB.

  5. Health and safety warning: This my just be common sense to most of you but always remove the following items before hand or warn your keyholder but never leave in tampons or menstrual caps for extended periods and/or if separated or you must have a sealed key accessible by the wearer at all times. I can’t stress the risk enough

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