Chastity Olympics
As pointed out by a fan from Denmark, the 2016 summer Olympics logo is a chastity belt!! That is great news! I really hope all female athletes are required to wear a belt, because (as we know) ALL sports can be done in a chastity belt. We can even come up with some special categories! Please comment on what you would like to see at the summer Olympics!!

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  1. jennifer says:

    maybe a race on a track between the girls perhaps like something you would see in the Olympics where they all run in a circle on a track wearing there belts and would love for them to do it with 2 plugs

  2. Swimming would be good. Lots of chastity content available online now, but I’ve still never seen a belt under a one piece swimsuit.

    • Wow, I am really impressed by your video, it is so real. In the end of this recording, it seems you were going to put the belt (and the plug) back. Is there a full version of this video? I believe everyone here would love to see more :)

    • jennifer says:

      just tried to view the video and it says it had been removed by you tube
      so sad wanted to see it

    • You can download it here.

  3. Cyclingsports while belted, Benwa balls inserted and an endurance race with victory by elimination.

  4. Forestier says:

    Personally, I’d like gymnastics retrieve its etymological sense (I’ll let you find out…)

    • I see your point Forestier. And on the other note of one piece swimsuits you can add those sexy tight leotards that gymnasts and skaters wear

  5. Great. I was just over how the last summer olympic’s logo was clearly a person giving head to another person. And now this.

    Thanks a lot ;)

  6. I would love to see Chastity Olympics.

    One of my favorite sports would be tennis.

    I also agree to JN – swimming would be good, but I think the qualifying could be done with swimsuits but the final should be just in chastity belt and bra.

    There could also be some easier contests like chastity sun tanning.

    • Lots of leg work in tennis. another excellent opportunity for ben wa/plugged sports. As for attire I’d say go wild. I’m a sucker for those pleated skirts they wear; roller skating, cheer leading, school uniforms, all of it!

    • beachvolley…
      womens wresteling…

  7. roadie12 says:

    an unexpected surprise or on purpose…?

  8. I wrote a kinky-themed Olympics story a few years ago –
    several including chastity.

  9. Stephen Miletus says:

    Marathon porn viewing? With & without plugs?

  10. LoveSteel says:

    Full chastity gear for both girls and boys would be fun. The safest sports event ever!

  11. Maybe the webmaster has got an idea, since this is the right website for this kind of videos.

    Am I right?

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