chastity belt 

When Lily woke up, she realized she was still locked in all this metal! It is a strange feeling waking up like this. At first you don’t know what is going on, but then your hands go to your boobs and crotch, and you remember: you have been locked in metal chastity gear.
Our gymnast Lily is super flexible, and she would like to stay that way. This means she has to do her stretching and yoga during the day, starting first thing in the morning with a good stretching session. She never skips this, whenever she gets out of bed, she will stretch. You have seen what she can do in chastity, although that was years ago. Almost 4 years ago, she was showing off her skills here. And she came back to repeat this in full chastity a few months later. Now let’s see what she can do after a night’s sleep (and a couple of years later). Is she still as amazing as she used to be?
The answer won’t surprise you. Of course Lily is still amazing! She can do a full split in a chastity belt! No one ever did that (although Viktoria managed a side split). I have to keep saying this: there is no excuse for girls and women not to wear a chastity belt 24/7! Not even if they are gymnasts or ballet dancers. A chastity belt does not interfere with any sports (and we have tested a LOT of sports already), so there is really no excuse!
Our lovely Lily got a good stretch and she was feeling a lot better after that. She was ready for another day in chastity!


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  1. Can you get Vanessa Lane from the United States? Another very flexible model.

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