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Professional gymnast Viktoria from Hungary saw our gymnastics update with Lily and she reckoned she could do even better! While I don’t want to get stuck in a female gymnast war, I still decided to give Viktoria a chance. I am not judging any performance, I think it is just a great way to prove that chastity is always possible (and no sport can be an excuse to take off any chastity gear).
Feel free to have a look at both updates, and decide for yourself who is better. Or maybe they are just both great. Viktoria is very strong and flexible, that’s for sure! To make things a little harder (and different), I locked some more gear on her. Besides a collar and chastity belt (which Lily also had), she is wearing wrist and ankle cuffs (no problem of course), and a chastity bra! Now that is more interesting, because I wanted to see how a bra influences her upper body flexibility and breathing. Well, I guess it is safe to say that it did not influence her at all! So a chastity bra is still proven to be wearable for all sports! The only thing I did not add were thigh bands, mainly because I am a big fan of leg splits and girls who can raise one leg straight into the air. But I will soon show you yet another sport (outdoors) that will feature thigh bands and that will be a lot of fun!
For now, please welcome this flexible Hungarian model to, maybe we can give her some more Challenges in the future!


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  1. Mike the Director says:

    What an excellent exhibition of the flexibility of the human form.

    Now, how about doing this again fully clothed, with smart clothes and heels, so that we can see the flexibility whilst knowing what lies beneath?

    Well done, Webmaster and Viktoria.


  2. It would be really nice if she do some plugged gymnastics as a challenge. If she accomplished, there is no reason for any woman not being plugged whlile belted ;)

    Viktória, if you read this, you’re beautiful in steel!
    Remélem még viszontlátlak itt :)

  3. very flexible indeed

  4. How about Viktoria and Lily be belted together in a shoot? I can’t believe it, Viktoria is belted and she’s stretching into positions like she’s been belted for years. What a find.

  5. Why not try ballet boots?
    Szép vagy Viki! Hol lehet Téged élőben megcsodálni?

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