chastity belt 

English dialogueYes, I know what you are thinking, but Vina brought this outfit herself, she really did! She is a naughty one, this cute UK girl! Her fantasy was to clean the apartment in a maid’s outfit, as part of her Chastity Deal.
So here we are: Vina is locked in full chastity: a chastity belt, a chastity bra, and locking thigh bands, as well as a collar, and she is cleaning the apartment! It is spring, so why not! She looks amazing, in her stockings and heels, and her little maid’s dress. I was seriously thinking about keeping her here as my permanent maid. Maybe these chores should be part of all Chastity Deals! Cleaning, cooking, and more. And if you don’t do it, you will not be released. Hmm, that might be a little too close to slave labor, although some girls (like Vina) may love that.
Actually, it was not a very good cleaning, she did not use any water or soap, but it she did some dusting. Maybe she thought a fantasy maid should only fantasy clean? Anyway, it is not about the cleaning, it is about getting to see our beloved Vina move around in chastity. Bending over to dust the table, so we can get a view of that chastity belt and those thigh bands! Very nice! Vina is definitely still one of my favorite chastity babes!


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  1. She is certainly one of the most enthousiastic ones.
    Vina, if possible, next shoot please outdoors, while funshopping!!.
    Vina, shy but VERY brave!!

  2. Don’t have to worry about being cheated on with the maid. Not if this is in the job description.

  3. Mike the Director says:

    My wife has commented that she likes the stockings (and the garter) but is REALLY interested to ascertain where Vina bought “those lovely shoes”.

    We also were impressed with the “duster on a pole” which Vina was using to dust above her head – what is this called and is it available via Amazon?

    Apart from that, what a great update – makes us proud to be British!


  4. jennifer says:

    I think all that is missing
    on her is the 2 metal plugs
    that should be deep inside
    her then she would be complete

  5. Awww, another wasted opportunity to lock her in some rubber gloves with that maid outfit… :(

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