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English dialogueYaay, our tiny friend Vina was back again in Holland for a few days, and she was eager to make some money by doing another Chastity Deal! No time was wasted fitting her into tight full chastity, because I figured this time she should have an even bigger challenge than last time!
Little Vina is still cute and shy, and she was not entirely sure about all this metal on her body! It was indeed very tight, and she knew from her previous Deals that she would have to sleep in all of this. Sleeping in a bra can be difficult, which makes you more tired and grumpy every day of the Deal, and that can eventually lead to a premature end to the whole adventure. Which would mean: no money and all effort for nothing (except the delight of the members, who get to see you suffer).
Also, her thigh bands were locked together, making lots of noise and Vina knew she had to go outside in this outfit too! She would have to climb stairs, sit in a car, walk around. It was not going to be easy! But you know Vina (if you have been a member before): she is super tough, and will never complain. You could practically do anything you want to Vina and she would just accept it. She loves challenges, and she is never scared or overwhelmed. She is just Vina, and you are probably as happy to see her back as I am!! Enjoy!


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  1. Vina has really changed since her casting about a year and a month ago.

  2. MetalMan says:

    Vina is a nice model and is gorgeous young woman who is stunning in her chastity gear! Great collar!

    Do you have secrets with the webmaster that you don’t want to tell us?
    You make me really curious!

    • MetalMan says:

      This post makes me confused! Are you suggesting that you have started modeling? What you are writing does not make sense to me! Explain to me (us) what you mean.

      Any way, it sounds interesting!

      • LazyGoat says:

        Vina has really become a lot more adult.

        Wendy, i took a look at your pictures and they are awesome! Congratulations!

        One question though, isn’t the belt a bit too tight…?

  3. She sure has matured , great seeing you back Vina, looking forward to the challenges you are about to face, the mature look suites you

  4. LoveSteel says:

    Great outfit! Every girl should have one without access to the keys of course. And the chains of the bra cross the back so no way out this time. Well done!

  5. roadie 12 says:

    a great update of Vina, she should do as many as you can get her to

  6. How long is this Deal?

  7. Can you add a butt plug?

  8. When Donna returns?

  9. almost as natural to her as wearing clothes

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