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Some interesting news reached me this week: the owner of the Spanish villa where I shot my Chastity Holiday adventure has become very interested in chastity girls. After all, he had three girls (Yvette Costeau, Rija Mae, and Lillian Caine) in chastity at his villa for a week. In exchange for a free holiday, they were belted and did some household tasks.
He must have missed his belted housekeepers, because he emailed me to say that he has hired Lena King as his permanent housekeeper. I know Lena does not have much money and she is a very nice submissive woman, so it is the perfect job for her! Lena was also on a chastity holiday (the year before, in a different villa), so she is not a stranger to chastity belts.
I received a very nice video of Lena’s daily life. She is doing all the cleaning, cooking, and laundry around the villa, and she seems very happy. Her contract states that she must be in a chastity belt at all times, completely naked (but it is quite warm in Spain), and she can be used as a bondage slave as well. Okay, that last part is a bit dubious, because it might start to sound like slavery (chastity, nudity, cleaning, bondage), but it is not like that. Lena can leave at any moment. She even knows where the keys to her belt are. But if she leaves or takes the belt off, she will have to go back to Hungary and she can not stay in the villa anymore.
The owner of the villa has invited me back this summer, for a new week of chastity with at least 3 girls. I am looking forward to see Lena again (if she is still there). She is a perfect housekeeper and I am very happy for her that she found a job and a nice place to live!

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  1. MetalMan says:

    Of some reason I don’t believe this story, it is April 1:st today! I bet she would fix his car to! LOL

  2. How would you know if she cheats? Is there a seap on either the key or the belt which would void the contract?

  3. LoveSteel says:

    Great! Who does not want such a nice housekeeper around? Love it. But with steel bra the chastity would be more complete. And in a warm country you need some extra protection against the sun and shiny steel does that.

  4. Basil Blake says:

    It’s a good idea to leave her naked, so everybody can see that she’s a “good girl” focussed on her work only.

    I also like the idea of “soft slavery” (by granting her access to the keys and allowing her to quit and leave). But I also must confess, I do not completely dislike the way of “real slavery” and complete submission. I think it’s okay to use enforced chastity if one fears that his spouse may be cheating, wasting too much time by playing with herself or loosing her focus on the sexual desires and needs of her partner.

    Anyway: next time, she should also get plugged. So household tasks won’t become boring…

  5. The experience would be more meaningful if she were left alone with no access to clothes whatsoever, i.e., all the closets and dressers locked. I would love to see some heels and a collar too.

    A great “real world” chastity experience. Hopefully we will see more like that!

  6. If she´s going to be kept in belt for long I think she deserves a new frontal plate for it with the “button” in place, it would look better if she gets out and about to buy groceries and so on.

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