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I’m not sure, but I think this video was taken before the last one (going out). It does not really matter, we are seeing a very good spirited Athame asking her keyholder Annabelle Lee if she can go do some workout outside, because she really wants to move (maybe she feels trapped?).
To Annabelle’s amazement, Athame grabs a hula hoop and leads her keyholder to a little grass area in her living complex. “You are going to hula hoop in the belt?”, Annabelle asks her. Athame’s smile tells it all, she is just curious if she can do it! And so are we, because if she can do this, it will eliminate another excuse for girls not to wear a chastity belt 24/7! We have proven already that many workouts and fitness exercises are possible, but hula hoop is a new one!
It’s not an easy one, because the hoop needs to hula exactly around the part where the chastity belt’s waist band is. Maybe the belt will help to keep the hoop up? Because it is just above the waist band? And what about he swirling hip movement that is required? Athame will definitely feel that in her crotch (remember she is still plugged!!). Will it be a good feeling or will it pinch her? Will it have any other unexpected results?
Anyway, Athame is probably the most care free belted girl ever. She just does not mind at all, she keeps chatting and doing her daily things, you would almost forget she is belted and plugged. In fact, she does not mention the plug even once, but that is because Annabelle did not explain that a plug usually is not an integral part of a chastity belt, so Athame just assumes there’s always a plug inside.

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  1. Mike the Director says:

    What a phenomenal document of modern life! This lady is so comfortable out and about. Compliments to the camera lady as well, for a steady view during the walk and a well-lit outdoor film.

    I guess that our Transatlantic cousins will be queueing up to nominate their next scenario – perhaps that other American icon, the cheerleader?

    Well done to all involved in this update.

  2. MetalMan says:

    Have you tried this before? I think you should! I guess that Athame is like Cobie. A natural that does not care that she is belted, and probably likes it! The belt is a natural part of her body. Annabelle has been lucky and found the perfect chastity babe! More deals please!

    • Basil Blake says:

      All chaste girls I know (including one of my best friends and also my cousin) like plugged swimming. Maybe a good idea for a future update?

      • He might need an underwater camera or a pool or a tank with a glass/plexiglass wall aka a submerged window.

      • Chastity belts and swimwear; You know how to paint an image!

      • Basil Blake says:

        Well, my cousin always has a great motivation to swim after getting plugged. Seems that the swimming movements give her some real pleasure (her vaginal dildo has four steel balls, so it is far away from being insignificant). She always wears her full swimsuit for belted swimming, supported by swimming shorts to cover the shape of the lock.

        However, I still believe that chastity belts should be sufficient as swimwear (no need for soft goods…) since they cover their wearers’ private parts. Maybe Athame would like to try swimming in chastity gear only?

      • Swimming and other forms of exercise are in the daily life category

    • MetalMan says:

      I do not agree! I think she has never been belted before, she is a natural submissive. She would do anything for her keyholder/master! Including wearing the posture trainer at!

  3. Never seen a girl having this much fun beeing belted, going out and playing hula hoop, this is great advertising for future girls

  4. She’s great! But it seems like this deal is no real deal… It’s way to easy for Athame…
    Bring her back, find her limits and … exceed them…

  5. This proves that a plug fits right in with wearing a belt =)

    I’m also for a “plugged swimming” update in the future.

  6. Locked_inSteel says:

    Swimming with a high-grade V4a steel chastity belt is possible. (however, V2a is not suitable for salt water). As for swimming with a plug is a bad idea. 1) the plug limits range of motion and 2) impure water might/will get inside the orifice(s). Not safe.

  7. Michael says:

    Athame NEEDS a long term deal. Already comfortable on day one, keep the belt locked on.

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