chastity belt 

Tiffany, one of our most experienced Chastity Babes, has somehow ended up in prison! She doesn’t know how or why she got arrested and locked up, and she slowly wakes up from having strange dreams.
It was not a dream though, she really is in prison! But wait, she feels something really tight around her waist… some kind of hard plastic? Panicking, she quickly opens her prison jumpsuit to see what it is. It is a chastity belt! Still a bit groggy, she does not understand, what kind of prison is this? Why would they lock her in a chastity belt!? It does not make any sense!
Tiffany tries to tug at the magnetic Segufix lock, but it won’t come off. The waist belt is super tight on her, it may actually be too small, it is like a corset! She can barely breathe, so she tries to calm down. She takes another look at the belt, it looks like a medical device. Maybe this prison has masturbation rules? Are all inmates belted, or just her?? So many questions go through her mind, while she takes off her jumpsuit completely. Tiffany looks for a guard, someone, anyone, but see can’t see anyone. There is just a bed. Not even a toilet.
The back of her belt is a wire. How is she supposed to go to the toilet!? She tries lying down on her back. It’s not that uncomfortable actually, but still she tries to get the belt off, tugging at the lock and trying to push the belt over her hips. There is no way this thing is coming off!! How long will she be here? Will she be belted all the time? Tiffany is very confused and very worried. She wished it was just a dream, but it’s not. She is in chastity prison!


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  1. Thanks,
    for a long time was not updated with a plug, when will be?

  2. I actually finished building the real prison (with bars) just after shooting this. So next time! Or else, look here to see Natalia Forrest in jail!

  3. most of the current chastitybabes should have a try at one of these scenarios

  4. Basil Blake says:

    Don’t agree with that.

    Chastity belts are rather a symbol of freedom than a kind of prison…

    All chaste girls I know have developed a deep LOVE for their belts. Their belts protect them from being molested, from wasting time by playing with themselves and they also help them to build a deeper and more meaningful relationship with their keyholders.

    And: I really like the idea of full chastity plastic belts. Is there an online shop planned for future times?

    • Basil Blake says:

      I would be desperately interested in a male chastity belt by Nosteel.

      Although I really love my cage, I also like the idea of trying a full chastity belt. However, I am still a bit afraid that metal gear may be to heavy for me…

      My GF and keyholder would also be fine with a full chastity plastic belt. As long as 24/7 chastity is provided in a secure and serious way (“Good boys don’t cum!”), I am free in choosing my “jewelry” :-)

  5. OMG Webmaster! You are on fire! The lesbian shoots, more interesting chastity deals, hot new models casting, and now FINALLY, a chastity prison shoot. Look like I am subscribing again. Keep producing forced chastity and prison shoots and I will subscribe more consistently.

  6. Would have been even more fun when Tiffany would have waked up in full chastity including bra, tight bands, shackled, handcuffed and heavy collar, or even better a Rigid Fiddle Stradivarius for a full day and night (at least :).

  7. A bit tight is just right for the chastity belt. Hey, too tight is just right. I love segufix restraints. That locking system is out of this world!

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