chastity belt 

Meanwhile, Bella Baby and Eileen Sue are still at it! They refuse to believe that all their favorite parts are locked!! The cute lesbian couple can’t believe they can not touch or lick each other anymore!
They continue on the bed, getting more and more horny, and more and more frustrated! Every position they try is a failure, even humping in doggy style gives no sensation at all! Their boobs are safely locked in chastity bras, so their nipples can not be stimulated. The shields cover their labia, they can see them between the primary and secondary shield. But the opening is too small to even put a finger nail through.
They can still kiss and caress each other’s body, but that only makes things worse! They get very aroused, but they will have to go to sleep without any satisfaction! It is a horrible situation! I guess they do not like the member who requested this Fantasy update! But I love it ;)


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  1. At least nothing bad can happen since everything is covered nice and tight. Perfect! However I see spread legs and hands everywhere so tight bands are needed. And to make it more safe and fun, add shackles and handcuffs to each of the girls. They will like it for sure (and we too :).

  2. Basil Blake says:

    I love this update, but it’s somehow very very cruel :-)

    Preventing lesbians from licking each other’s pussies is almost a CRIME ;-)

    Nevertheless: great job & well done, dear webmaster…

  3. Beautiful.

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