chastity belt 

Hmm, that sounds a bit strange. I don’t mean this is the end of McKenzie (of course), it is the end of her 24-hour Chastity Deal with AnnaBelle Lee, in Arizona.
McKenzie’s incredibly slim body is still tightly belted as we see her smoking an entire pack of cigarettes in the final 6 hours of her Deal. She admits she is very frustrated! Not because of the metal belt locked onto her body, but because of the lack of orgasms! McKenzie thinks that 24 hours without masturbating is a very long time! So she smokes to relieve her frustration, which does not help (don’t smoke, does not encourage people smoking). AnnaBelle tries to interview her about the reality of chastity belt wear, sitting down, walking, not masturbating, hip pressure, and the other usual questions. McKenzie just wants to get the belt off, she can’t wait! The final hours are always the toughest!
And then… the moment is finally there! AnnaBelle tries to be funny by saying ‘where did I put those keys’, but after a quick turn of the cylinder lock McKenzie is out! The belt is off and McKenzie’s delicate parts are revealed! It is always such a nice moment to watch, the girls are really happy they made it and their body is free again! McKenzie gladly accepts the cash she won by doing this Chastity Deal and she goes home with a brand new experience (and to masturbate). AnnaBelle Lee was a great host! She is strict but very nice to the girls. Let’s hope she can find another local girl soon!

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  1. Young Engr says:

    Yep but she seems restless in general. That’s another downside to being a smoky barfly.

  2. If she can hardly make it through 24 hours, why not offer her a deal as follows:

    – She will wear a belt for 3 month in order to get a crapload of cash.
    – She will be allowed to have superwised orgasms every 72 hours
    – BUT she can only have theses orgasms if a drug test on nicotine is 100% negative.

    What say you? Chastity belt helping quit two addictions at a time…

    • Stephen Miletus says:

      That is incredibly cruel. How soon can the webmaster arrange a deal like this?

    • I was a strong smoker. And I can tell you. Smoking less is the worst way of stopping. You either stop completely(then the physical withdrawel symptoms will be gone after 48 hours – the psychological ones will be more persistant though) or you don’t stop.

  3. Only one day and she’s already chain smoking an entire pack? A plug challenge must be hell for someone like her. You might get the same reactions as Sita

  4. Can someone buy McKenzie a box of cigars? I think she’d look a lot better with a cigar in her mouth and a chastity belt locked on her.

  5. Matt young engineer says:

    Does your girlfriend smoke? Is she serious about quiting? Why not use restraint and positive physical reinforcement?

    Contact 1-800-chastity for our programs.

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