chastity belt 

In her second catwalk shoot, Yvette wanted to prove that her walking would not differ from a normal runway model (well, if you consider unbelted models normal). Wearing a see-through dress, so we can get a good look at her belt, Yvette struts the catwalk like no one else! This girl is a professional, and it shows!

We thought we’d do things a little different, so we set up a behind-the-scenes camera to capture Yvette walking for the photographer. While the stills are being shot, Yvette is parading up and down the catwalk, slowly undressing and showing the latest chastity fashion trend from all angles!

We even captured Yvette after the long shoot, exhausted, sitting in one of the chairs, drinking some water. She asked if the belt could be taken off, but we told her she would have to keep wearing it for about 2 hours after the shoot, as a training for her next challenge. This wasn’t really true, but we just didn’t want to take it off ;-) Sorry, Yvette, if you read this, don’t be mad :-)

Our plan is to have more models on our catwalk, and eventually release a compilation DVD with a complete fashion show. Aaah future plans…


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  1. Of all the models I have seen wearing belts,this is the best one,and perfectly fitted.
    Her front and rear are protected from entrance,and there is no way she can play with herself.

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