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English dialogueSo Cobie was not in Holland for Christmas, sending her season’s greetings from Australia, and I bet you are wondering who was staying with me over the last few days! It was Tina Kay, the very funny and crazy girl from Lithuania!
Tina loves challenges, especially erotic ones, she is addicted to sex (check her Twitter), so I can always make her smile with Plugged or Vibration Challenges! The paradox is that Tina Kay is one of the most sex crazy girls in the universe, and she will be in a chastity belt for these Challenges! She does not really like belts, because she needs to orgasm several times a day or she will go insane. That’s why I bought her the perfect Christmas present! Vibrating panties!! Even Tina had never seen these before!
These cute panties have a super strong motor in the front (perfectly positioned on the clit) and a wireless receiver at the back. Perfect for a crazy Xmas Challenge! Tina Kay was thrilled with her Christmas gift! I even allowed her to take off her belt to try on these new panties! By the way, check out the new WHITE lining for the fully adjustable rigid style chastity belt, I now have 4 colors to choose from!
Tina was amazed by the power of the vibrating panties! The vibration is really very strong! She wanted to play with the remote right away, but I took it from her and told her to lock herself back into her chastity belt. Yes, that’s right, the chastity belt was locked on OVER the vibrating panties, pushing the vibrator right against Tina’s most sensitive spot. Now I had the remote, and Tina Kay in a chastity belt with a powerful vibrator on her clit. Maybe it wasn’t a Christmas present for Tina… maybe it was a Christmas present for myself!! ;-)


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  1. Basil Blake says:

    I’m so jealous of you… controlling a girl’s clit… that means almost unlimited power… :-)

    Would be a perfect gift for nice girls!

  2. Webmaster, i must say you are to kind to this girl. But it is christmas after all…. But i hope you did not press the remote to often!

    • Chastitybelts and a chaste lifestyle are about to prevent and not to have sex. Giving her a sex toy is the direct opposite. If this sex addict commit her self to a chastity deal she must face the consequences. If she go crazy (because of no sexual stimulation), she can either end the deal or continue to the end and live with the frustration, to our enjoyment.

      But if the webmaster want to entertain him self and us, it might be OK. But under normal circumstances, this is not ok at all! A locked girl should be locked!!

      • A chastity belt with a plug, vibrator etc is a sex toy. Any kind of stimulation of the gender is/can be considered as sex. In this case (belt with plug etc) it is a sex play for our entertainment, except for the model who gets paid to suffer (?) a little bit.

        I have never tried a plug. It must be awful! They who do it must be daring and crazy people. How do you dare?

      • Basil Blake says:

        Don’t think that using vibrators or plugs can be considered as a kind of sex.

        For example: my girlfriend definitely allowed her sister to receive clit massages from me. She is absolutely okay with that, as long as I wear my chastity cage while massaging or licking her sister (which I wear 24/7 of course).

        However: my girlfriend would never tolerate me having REAL sex with another girl.

        I think plugs and vibrators are perfect training for chaste girls and great entertainment for the audience. So please, dear webmaster, keep doing your job… ;-)

  3. Using the toilet would be a problem without some modifications. Moving the antenna, making it water proof, splitting the cover or removing it altogether,

    • Fortunately, this is just a temporarily solution! She cant be stimulated for ever!

    • Mike the Director says:


      I see this as a temporary reward for a well-behaved Steel Angel. Leaving her permanently set in “RECEIVE” mode would probably have her in low earth orbit before the battery (batteries?) died)!!! You MUST let the poor girl catch her breath whilst she is on the receiving end of such a devilish Invisible Tether!

      This is a reward, not a permanent fixture; in practical terms, I am not sure that the panties locked under a KG would survive for long.

      But, hey, it IS Christmas after all!.

      Happy New Year to all members and readers. Here’s to a chaste and interesting 2016.


  4. You should comment sport on TV!! =) Why not football(soccer)? Reading your comments makes me realize that you are a real Chastity Champ and a real addict with a 1000% commitment!

    But you don’t eat fish! =)

  5. Today’s evil thought for the next time:

    Hook the remote to a random timer, and then have the girl do some chores.

  6. I forgot to mention: the vibrating panties that Tina Kay wore are for sale! Remote controlled and powerful, with Tina’s wetness still on them (the pink outside is removable and washable). 50 euro + shipping, email me.

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