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English dialogueAs promised, a Natalia Forrest report / interview from her most recent stay in Holland. This was recorded before she attempted to do her full chastity run, and you can hear her explain why she thinks it is not possible to do that. She was wrong.
If you love Natalia Forrest updates, you HAVE to watch this one! But, more importantly, if you are one of the girls who wrote me about a Chastity Deal (or thinking about it), you REALLY HAVE to watch this one! This will give you a good insight in what it is like to be in a Chastity Deal, as veteran Natalia talks about the discomforts, the boredom, and the waiting. But listen carefully! She is not negative at all, she is actually cheerful and exceptionally funny! You will hear how she deals with a 24 hour Deal, even when it is in full chastity, and you will also find out that money is not even the main reason she is doing this!
No other Chastity Babe speaks as freely and genuinely as Natalia, and you can see she really loves her challenge. Even though her bra is very tight, her chastity belt is pinching her labia sometimes, and she can not even open her legs to lie down on the bed, she remains very positive and energetic. She has become a good friend and she will always be belted in Holland, like everyone else who wants to come over to my studio or apartment, but she does not mind. Not anymore. She will visit me many more times in Holland next year, and she will be available for live (Skype) sessions, custom shoots, and meet & greets! She has really become one of the regular Chastity Babes, and I am proud to have her on my website!

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  1. Basil Blake says:

    Belt & bra & bands –> that’s the way good girls should sleep…

    And, of course: a cute & lovely dildo, gently filling her private parts & preventing her from loosing her natural lust & desires … :-)

    • Basil Blake says:

      Are thigh bands necessary or not? Well, I think it depends on the quality level and fitting accuracy of the chastity belt itself and its crotch band.

      My cousin has never used any thigh bands yet, but she’s still effectively protected… We have performed many checkings: it’s indeed impossible to get even the small finger under her crotch band, no matter how angled her legs are. Her My-Steel Total always does a great job :-)

      However, many people don’t seem to understand the importance of the dildo issue:
      When I checked some chastity related newsgroups in the past, I came across that there is a certain risk for girls in long term chastity… After a certain period they may completely lose their sexual lust and desires and become asexual!!!

      And… to prevent my cousin from that, we have established the following system: When she gets home on weekends, she is locked in a plugged belt during the day and completely unbelted before going to bed. So we can feel secure that her private parts get a certain level of stimulation and she does not forfeit her sexual nature (fortunately, our approach seems to be quite successful: the noise level at night, when she plays with her “best friend”, a magic wand, can be quite annoying…).

      So let me add a new member’s request ;-)
      What about a plugged belt contest?
      Two girls get into plugged belts and are ordered to do certain jobs (cleaning the house, sorting toys, flirting with strangers, preparing food, maybe the community can make suggestions…). The winner gets released in the evening, while the loser stays belted and must give her a pleasant massage with a magic wand… ;-)

      I think this would be great fun (at least for the winner and for us) :-)

      • Basil Blake says:

        Yeah :-) A larger contest would be fun, however I didn’t want to make unrealistic suggestions (it’s not easy to find girls who are mad & kinky enough)…

        What about a contest with a plugged girl & a guy in a chastity cage?

        I’m sure, the arousal experienced by cage wearing guys is comparable to the sentiments of chaste girls stimulated by plugged belts (in both cases erogenous areas are constantly touched and massaged).

        So it would be a contest under equal conditions.

        I don’t want to be unrespectful, but have you ever thought about using a plugged belt to protect your libido? My cousin is really addicted to her metal plug (added to her fanatical crush on her chastity belt on the whole) and we all witnessed that her vitality has increased a lot, as well as her somatic blood flow (in the past she had been somehow a bit pale…) ;-)

      • chaste(ish) girl says:

        Basil I don’t think a male chastity belt is nearly as stimulating as a dildo! Do you wear chastity like the people in your life?

        I do a lot of studying on the weekends and I could not pass my classes if I studied while penetrated. Sometimes I need to be relieved first for stress before working.

        Somebody said a girl wasn’t disciplined enough to hold the keys to her chastity belt but how much chastity is enough?
        I mean your cousin likes her chastity belt but does she ever skip the dildo to just masturbate and go straight back to school?

        Why doesn’t she keep her own key and just agree to wear her belt when she is at a party? I mean she already masturbates all weekend what difference would it make if she masturbates on a weeknight before an assignment or a final exam? I could go a month without receiving pleasure without wearing a belt at all.

      • You can only compare a male chastity cage with a vaginal plug if you have had both at some point in your present life. You can however compare vaginal plugs with anal plugs and anal plugs with a ring style cock cage. Personally I haven’t worn the leather and metal type myself not have I tried a rear plug. as for the vaginal part; I can only ask a woman.

      • I have however tried a chromed copper knockoff of the jailhouse, but it’s too small for me and the rings only come in three sizes, not five like the cb-x

      • Basil Blake says:

        Thank you for all that feedback, WendyNeko, chaste(ish) girl & Pat.

        Maybe it’s right, the power of a vaginal plug may exceed the emotions caused by a male cage.

        @ chaste(ish) girl:
        Yes I wear my cage 24/7 (a CB 6000 chrome edition in the past and nowadays a gold edition…). It is somehow the fundament of my relation with my girlfriend. She suffers a lot from being highly jealous and also does not like to have bare & free male genitals in her environment (since she has been molested on partys in her teenage years). So locking me up seemed to be a quite natural solution. Of course there are also some other reasons (me being more focussed on her, increasing love & obedience, more frequent satisfaction of her need for oral pleasure…), but that’s not the topic.

        Giving my cousin a key would not be a good idea I think. She lives quite far away from her family and we want to ensure that she stays focussed on her studies at university (in her teenage years she had bad grades because of “hunting” boys, there had also been a risk of expulsion from school…). And: do you really think a girl without supervision will steadily put on her chastity belt before going on partys?

        Of course she never stays plugged when returning to Munich and we always offer her to get unplugged on weekends when learning for exams. However, she mostly rejects and insists on having her dildo inside her. Seems that she can perfectly concentrate while being stuffed (good girl…).

        Another issue: girls can gain a lot of grace and beauty by staying chaste. So. my cousin has become much more well-behaved, polite, submissive and helpful after her mother had bought her My-Steel “jewelry”. Have you ever experienced a chaste girl’s desire for snuggling and caresses? They can be so cute, just like cats…

        I think we should definitely have a plugged belt contest on this page, with the winner getting pleasured by the still plugged & belted loser. I love this idea.

    • Unlike the other belts with a front shield that bends in half around the pubis; this one’s entirely down between the legs providing complete coverage. While the thigh bands keep the legs together; the shield divides them. With the thigh bands up high; the wearer can still open her legs some. If this is a problem for any of you; maybe a set of lower thigh bands connected in series? But maybe not with this style of belt as thigh band’s aren’t needed at all.

  2. So this is basically an informative video for those who are thinking about doing a challenge, so it is clear up front what you can expect, great idea.
    It is also nice to see a different side of natalia, a lot less fisty.
    hope to see more off her

  3. I agree, she need a collar. It would look great on her! And the bed looks nice, especially with Natalia in it.

  4. Very nice, but it would be nicer and more interesting if the lock were in the back.

    • Details: back of the bra, back of the belt? There are two other locks on two out of three of the back D-rings connecting the shield to the back of the belt via two chains in the crack of Natalia’s backside.

  5. in my opinion plug acts only as a method to prevent the belt to be mis-aligned with body and vagina and all in position, hard to defeat. Isn’t it?

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