chastity belt 

English dialogueIf you don’t know Tina Kay, you must have been living under a rock for the past years! This Lithuanian award winning super star is the number one adult performer in the world at the moment! She is in all of the big productions, doing what she does best: having sex all day long, multiple times a day, in every position and location you can think of!
Tina Kay is the biggest sex addict ever! So when she was in Amsterdam, I just HAD to invite her over for a Challenge. I received a remote control vibrator from one of the members (thank you), and I had saved it for an opportunity like this! To lock Tina Kay in a chastity belt for 24 hours, with a powerful remote vibrator inside of her, turning it on and off whenever I wanted. It would be so much fun for me (yes, this really is my full time job), and a very very big Challenge for Tina Kay, as she is used to orgasming many many times a day.
Aaah spending 24 hours with this very feisty sexual girl, with her perfect body locked in a NeoSteel belt, a vibrator locked inside, it was awesome! Tina wasn’t too sure, she did not even know what a chastity belt is, but she never ever avoids a challenge, so she was up for it. At least, at the start of the 24 hours. The vibrator had to be turned at a low speed before being inserted, otherwise we couldn’t reach the button anymore. After locking Tina in, I kept it running for a while, playing with the settings and modes of this quite complicated remote control (which is also motion sensitive). Tina’s hands instinctively went to her pussy, but she couldn’t rub herself! A terrible ordeal for one of the world’s craziest porn stars! But the funniest moment was when I turned it off completely and left her. She was so frustrated! She was begging me to come back!

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  1. Ahh, what i would give to be in your shoes.

  2. Basil Blake says:

    Good job…

    She has an awesome libido. So being locked for a longer period would be a perfect treat. Im sure she LOVED her vibrator.

    By the way: Wouldn’t a public challenge with a remote vibrator be great fun????

    • How about a vibrator that reacts on a bluetooth signal, so everytime someone passes with a cellphone with bluetooth signal switched on, the vibrator starts to vibrate and she can’t do anything about it.

  3. Mike the Director says:

    This is an excellent update. We see, from 09:49, the lament of the locked woman, realising that she has totally surrendered control: and from 10:55, the lament of the frustrated female when the teasing stops!

    I would agree with Wendy; this lady is a definite candidate for a locked walk outdoors, with intermittent remote stimulation. Perhaps you should open negotiations for a longer (and outdoor) follow-up to this initial experience for our Lithuanian lovely.

    Please invite her back for more.

  4. It looks blue on camera just as the crop tops look red instead of hot pink. Your getting too much red and not enough purple in your color balance. Though I didn’t see vibrator with my own eyes because it was shipped directly to the studio in purple instead of neon yellow per your request (Your welcome) and I knew you and the fans would enjoy it. What’s the trill of giving up control bay being locked without a good toy in just the right spot?

  5. Speaking of things motion sensitive I was wondering why no one would get on a roller coaster with Ben Wah balls or a vibrator or a plug. Could she reach the top before the ride is over?

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