chastity belt 

English dialogueOf course, I had to show Vina the big E-stim plug! She immediately started playing with it, holding it in her hand and testing the strength of the shocks. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep her in her MySteel for this experiment, because the plug is entirely electrified, even the bottom part, which would in turn shock the whole metal belt. So we switched to a cute pink leather belt (but only for this experiment, don’t worry!!), just to keep her belted and to prevent the plug from slipping out when she was standing up and moving.
This E-stim control box goes from level 1 up to level 21. Level 7 is an intense shock, level 14 is a heavy shock, and level 21 is an extreme shock. But the funny thing is, that testing it in your hand is completely different from testing it in your pussy. So there is no telling how you will react until you try it for real!
Cute Vina was very afraid but also very curious, and of course, curiosity always wins! She slid the big plug into her pussy with ease, after resetting it to level 1 (clever girl). Then she started to go up a level, and shock herself, and up a level, and shock, and so on. At the first levels, she could suppress her response, but after level 8 you can see her body twitch, even though she is trying to hide it. I told her to go up to 15, and her arm went up involuntarily! So funny! Vina was having fun shocking herself! She is incredible!
Then I told her to stand up and shock herself again. And then we went up, and up, and up. I managed to talk her into trying level 21! Her body was so tense from the shocks, but she was anticipating them because she was holding the remote. So I took the remote and shocked her one last time at the maximum level for good measure. What a trooper! Vina is the best!


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  1. This was fun watching,
    Next update outdoors?
    Vina is not that talkative but she is a die hard Chastitybabe,
    Whatever you throw at her, she will do it and it looks like she has just as much fun as the members.
    Can not wait for the next update Vina.

  2. Reminds me of some of those kinky classroom fictions you only read about. Being that the belt is leather with no openings for bathroom use could make for a hot classroom fantasy.

  3. still don’t like the bear

  4. Please do electrostimulation. More electro-dildo and a plug. Also I would love to see a long electrical stimulation. Do not short-term shocks, better long-term incentive to increase the level of the signal, as the girls are gradually getting used to electricity.

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