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Remember the update with Crystal last year? She is a tall blonde Italian fashion model whose real name can not be revealed (do not put it in the comments, it will be deleted). Crystal looked super hot in a chastity belt and she had a lot of fun during the Casting!
Unfortunately, the fashion model life is very busy, and I was disappointed not to hear from her again. Especially since she told me last time that she had a twin sister! Obviously, this twin sister was also going to be a very hot tall blonde, so I have really been trying hard to get them back to Holland together! And yes, I did it! Turns out the sister is a fashion model too (figures) and her name can not be revealed either (for agency contract reasons), so we’ll just call her Pearl.
It’s not a Chastity Deal or a Challenge, but we had a fun day with the girls locked in belts and bras for over 5 hours. I was curious what the famous super model catwalk stride would look like in a chastity belt, and these girls certainly did not disappoint! They can walk in high heels! I mean, they don’t just walk… They really strut their metal wear like they wear it every day, and since they are twins, their movements are amazingly coordinated! It is so hot to see these two super tall blondes in nothing but metal! It’s a shame I don’t have the catwalk anymore!
Oh, they did not like the fact that I handcuffed them together for the day, but hey… they are twins, I thought it was a nice touch.


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    Thank you webmaster for making this possible.
    This is coming from a lifetime member.

  2. How did you do that?

    • He has mystical powers that can get any little kitty locked in a chastity belt!

      Maybe one day he’ll go for a world record for the most belted ladies under one roof.

      I don’t agree with the colour miss-match but maybe it was such that one would not fit the other? And a loose belt would never do.

      I was recently thinking about whether two other kitties would like to star together! Along the lines of, 2 kittens, 2 belts and 4 (guess what). woof woof!

      Maybe these two will appear on MetalBondage?

  3. Yes, I was allowed to use this huge empty office building for a while, but there is no heating at all. It is really terribly cold in the winter.

  4. Chastity belt swimsuit edition here we come! Maybe a chastity babes 15 month calendar would be really cool. Have the members vote on 15 chastity babes for the calendar. What do you think?

    I love the mismatch wear for the belts. My fantasy is for a mass belting someday new and returning models. The two ladies are both 10s. How do these ladies keep getting hotter? I hope the Chastity babes are good people too.

  5. if you look too deep into their eyes you’ll crash….

  6. That was an excellent update! Two really beautiful twin fashion models, locked in both chastity belts and bras. And the handcuffs are indeed a really nice touch, after all, handcuffs are also inescapable metal!!

  7. Wiley Haddick says:

    They, as much as anyone else, are invited to the heart of Christ for that grace that helps them to understand best who they are, he said in a wide-ranging interview that covered the nomenclature used by the Church to describe persons with same-sex attraction, the nature of the human person, and contraception and its link with promiscuity. We want to hear that we are valuable and important to other people, not first for what we can do for them, but rather for who we are, he said, calling chastity the virtue that helps people value others in this way.

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