chastity belt 

The NoSteel prototype was so tight on Lauren, that I felt confident enough to challenge her. She did not believe the belt was secure enough, but she soon found out when I sent her to bed with a tiny but powerful magic wand vibrator!
It was a beautiful sight: Lauren was getting so frustrated! It was like this belt was made for her! She could not even get her fingers under the belt when she was lying down, it was that tight! The broad front shield prevented any access to her pussy, and even when she tried vibrating the perforated shield, she did not feel anything at all! And that’s quite an achievement: Lauren is one of the most sensitive girls ever to appear on, she claims she can orgasm from anything just barely touching her clitoris.
Although the NoSteel belt is just a prototype, and the current lock can be opened by any magnet, it shows that medical grade plastic can be just as effective as metal. It is light, and it is easy to wear and clean. I can’t wait for new versions of this belt, and I hope the fan who made this can send me some new things for testing soon! It was a great honor to test this new product, and I hope that you all like Lauren, the new girl I found to test the NoSteel belt! She will probably be back more often, let’s hope she will sign a longer deal in a metal belt (with plug!) very soon!

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  1. Mike the Director says:

    Your video quality just keeps on improving; and a steady hand when filming.

    Looking at the position (and thickness) of the magnet, I guess that this would need to he concealed under “vanilla” clothing with either a jacket, wide belt or a sash – or a light sweater.

    Does your manufacturer have plans for a “slimline” magnet, or are we already pushing the boundaries of the technology?

    Roll on the BoundCon display of four secured models!

  2. There is nothing such beautiful as a woman in a tight well fitting belt! And this belt really fits her well.

    If you ever get a lockable version of it, it would be great for a very long deal. Anyone wearing it could blame it being a medical device =)

    Lauren is great to watch, and the end of this video was funny.
    Bzzt bzzt… Great work!

    Speaking about plugged deals, it would be great if you could get someone that is between the always complaining Natalia and the ever silent Vina. Someone who would comment more factually on her feelings from and issues with the plug during the deal while also enjoying everyday activities. Can we for example get some jogging or swimming while plugged?

  3. What great additions to CB! Lauren is very beautiful on her own, The belt although is super tight, even looks form fitting. If nosteel does start production, I’m sure it would also look good in hip style, ergonomic, heck! even dual belt. just punch a 2nd set of holes for locking.

    I wonder how Lauren’s super sensitive clit would feel pressed against that frond shield with that toy I sent you inserted and turned on? You know, the purple one?

    • P.S. Maybe a little fun with the remote in public?

    • P.P.S. Besides a belt with a plug, nothing frustrates them more then teasing them with a good remote controlled toy.

    • I was thinking 2nd set of holes for locking. It’s a full length waist belt with a 2nd wider hip belt. But this would likely restrict bending even more.

      • No I just came up with it. But it wouldn’t be hard to do, all you would need is a second set of holes for the other locking plate.

      • But yes, that’s what I was referring to.

      • I was simply thinking a 2nd lock. For instance if your using a block lock: 1 for the waist belt, one for the hip belt and the usual protected lock for the secondary shield. Simply take a standard waist belt and add holes for a hip belt.

  4. I would really like to purchase one belt like this for my gf.

  5. I see your getting into forced orgasm bb272 Any chance on seeing one under a chastity belt? that would be such an oxymoron. Really Being stimulated and denied at the same time. It’s quite a mind game.


  7. where we can find this kind of belt? please leave a comment

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