chastity belt 

English dialogueOf course I had to take Vina out for a walk in the park! The famous park that has seen so many girls in chastity belts already!
The problem is… to get to the nice part of the park, you have to walk very far from where you can park your car. And remember: our 19-year old super sweet chastity babe is plugged with a rather large plug inside her cute little MySteel belt! So we had to walk all the way to the other side of the park and back again on this nice summer day! For me it was a treat to get out there, for Vina it was a challenge!
Don’t worry about her though, she is a trooper, she could probably spend months in a chastity belt without even complaining. She was only locked for a week, but the added plug was making it very interesting! She had to get a few cleaning breaks, but she was cuffed and supervised during those breaks. Besides those short breaks, she was in her belt 24/7… literally.
She told me the plug wasn’t arousing her at all. I don’t know if that was true, since she was very wet all the time, and the cleaning breaks were really essential to keep good hygiene. Vina is a mysterious little girl, and it is fun to watch her deal with a chastity belt at this age where she should be exploring her sexuality. I think walking with a plug helps to train certain muscles, and it will only benefit her in the long run. It is super hard to read a girl like Vina, but her mischievous smile told me that she was enjoying every minute of this walk!!

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  1. Her smile tells me that she is enjoying every second in her belt! A nice stroll in the park is everything i have asked for. But where is the collar, and were is the leash (or chain)? I must say i am a little disappointed at you, Mr Webmaster. Strolls must be done on all four! I know she can take it.

    • Well, if she is doing this great being this shy, I am convinced she will do the all-4 stroll (with a leash) sooner or later when she gets a little older with some more self confidence. We just have to wait and see…
      But i am quiet satisfied with this for now. But in the future….. WOOOF!!!

  2. Or as I would say “until rust do us part”. LOL

  3. This is good.

    All plugged girls should get some exercise by walking to stay fit and wet. =)

  4. Collar should be standard equipment will all belted lovely ladies.

  5. Mike the Director says:

    This young lady is a natural; you could walk past her on the street and never have even a suspicion of the steel engineering which lies beneath her neat, demure outfit.

    An excellent update.


  6. I think you may be right Wendy. Vina is daring enough to try this and at the same time not slutty to be driven crazy by it like the others have (Unless she’s hiding it). A late bloomer, or just inexperienced?

  7. I’m curious about the conditions of cleaning breaks as well. When you say supervised, does that mean she still cleans herself but with her hands cuffed together, or are they cuffed to something that holds them away? If the latter is true then how is cleaning done?

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