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Unfortunately, I am not allowed to use the F-word for this category anymore, so it is now called ‘Belted by Someone’ until I come up with a better name. It is about reluctant belting, a belt locked onto a girl by someone else. Apparently that is too much for credit card companies these days.
Anyway, Tiffany was one of the victims that I haven’t showed you yet. She was happily posing for pictures in our studio, when she noticed a pair of handcuffs dangling above her. She just ignored them, until we locked her hands above her head… and even then she continued posing a little. Until she saw the chastity belt appear! Suddenly she wanted to defend herself, because she knew she would be locked in it for a while once it was on. “Not again!”, she exclaimed.
But there was nothing she could do. Her jeans shorts were pulled off her body, and her underpants were swiftly taken away from her (no need for those anymore). The belt snapped shut on her waist, it was super tight! Then the crotch part was pulled up to the waist band, and the double padlocks and bolt protectors were put in their place. This chain style belt has always looked incredible on Tiffany. Her labia are so beautifully trapped inside the secondary shield, you really should see this picture set!!
After she was all locked and protected, the handcuffs could come off. Tiffany tried tugging at her belt and its locks, but she knew she was going not going to break it. She put her little shorts back on and stomped away from our photo shoot. I guess she did not feel like taking pictures anymore…


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  1. She is asking for a vaginal plug as punishment for resisting being belted.
    nice update, next one outdoors?

    • Thats right a super tight vaginal plug with a remote control should have been put.. Webmaster you have got to improve a lot..

  2. When my boyfriend grants me release, I am also handcuffed like her in the shower before the belt is removed. He then cleans me an the belt and I try to convince him we should have some “fun” instead of just locking me back up.

    Most often he will just say “nice try” and lock me up again despite my struggles. Only when I’m safely locked up do the cuffs come off.

  3. Nasty cats gets punished, don’t you know that? =) This was almost to easy to get her belted like this. I can understand her frustration!

    • It’s not a guy, look at the hands in the video ;)

    • It is obviously Dominique (look at the hands) in the background that is the “mad guy”. That is why she surrenders so easely and does not fight. And she is already belted, thank god! For a very long time i hope….

  4. That what happens when women love handcuffs!

  5. Great update, even if it was role-played.

    How long did you lock her up for? The mandatory 24hrs?

  6. Dear Webmaster: You can call it whatever you want, I call it my favorite category. (Notice it’s an “F” word ;)

    Dear credit card companies: The more you attempt to impose the morality of a few loud idiots on Internet commerce, the harder we will work to find a better way than you. :)

    PS: I thought the little pleading wimper at 1:49 was nicely done.

  7. Lothlorien says:

    This would be even better if she was teased and brought really close to coming before the belt went on.

  8. Webmaster! Make more of these style of shoots and I’ll resubscribe again!

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