chastity belt 

And away we went! The great outdoors! I took Cobie to a quiet bit of park where she could scream very loud, and we had lots of fun! Well, I had lots of fun anyway… I don’t know about Cobie. She was plugged with a small anal egg, and the remote control box was clipped onto the back of her NeoSteel. We managed to run the wire through the anal cover slot, so it was all very neat and tidy.
I was having way too much fun with the remote, often secretly turning it up a notch to see if she would notice. Whenever there were people approaching, I tried to get Cobie to make a sound, and a few times people were looking at her, probably thinking ‘what’s wrong with that girl?’. Then I let Cobie have the remote, and she tried shocking herself, which was even more fun!
She tried to get angry at me, but she was enjoying it too much. I could see that she loved the anticipation and the game, although some of the shocks were quite harsh. At the end of our walk, I told Cobie that she would have to take one final big shock (the setting was at level 17 I think). It almost floored her, as she lost control of her legs. Instead of being angry, she laughed and laughed… I could see that she was done, but what a girl… I wanted to keep her in chastity so bad! It was a shame she had to leave and go back to the other side of the world… Let’s hope she will be back soon!


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  1. Basil Blake says:

    She seems to have enjoyed it a lot… Next time, let’s use a vaginal plug or an e-stim cover on her clit :-) :-)

  2. chasteslave1960 says:

    In my view if you want a e-stim buy the device from the manufacture, because there are some very dodgy devices and poor quality devices out in the market place, I did buy a very cheap device, and I tried it once and well shall I say it went into the bin after I got rid of the pain it caused.At moment I’m saving up for proper device ?

  3. Some things are easy to explain. Some are much harder.

    Some benefit immensely from an analogy or example….

    Do you know why I like this girl so much?

    You asked her if she wanted to shock herself.

    You didn’t tell her to keep doing it.

    That was her own initiative. :)

  4. Well I guess way too many updates only shocking the anus… should also shock the crotch & the NIPPLES !!!! that will be awesome…

  5. Another charismatic and lovely update with Cobie. Just a note about video: The video seems to be pixelated at times and jerky on my machine, as though it is being streamed with a slow connection. I downloaded the file twice with the same result.

  6. Is that thing painful even down to the first few levels? Can’t she take a rapid or long press at even the first level or is it just for punishment? Isn’t there a portable unit suitable for pleasurable shocks?

    • Mike the Director says:

      That is a very interesting concept – “pleasurable shocks”

      Thanks webmaster for a most interesting update; it is so nice to see a model out in the fresh air.

      How could this update be revised to take place in a city street? Perhaps get her wearing a longer jacket, high-waisted skirt, boots etc – you could warm up her autumn day, perhaps??


  7. fresh air is always a good way to fill the day

  8. I had the same result. The video is pixelated and jerky. The previous video of Cobie is in the same format and plays perfectly which leads me to believe is it this video file. Admin, can you help?

  9. haloslave says:

    bad video quality on this update, very jerky.

    • I have made a new version in higher quality, please check it now.

    • The new 1080p version is much better. I see it now…all those blades of grass and the tips of trees at that location. I watched it on a big-screen Smart-TV and that grass sent the motion interpolation into hyperspace. I turned down the interpolation and it’s much better…not perfect but imminently watchable. I think that’s as good as the technology gets folks. Thanks Webmaster:-)

      p.s. Isn’t Cobie the best technology available and completely organic. We are so lucky to being living in this time and space. Any chance of getting her back again? She’s a sweetheart. Live long and prosper everyone.

  10. How I envy her E-stim play!!!

    I also want to play the same, or harder play.
    To see her video, I’m imagining my chastity challeng.

    wear latex suit, complete chastity gear, neck collar, hand cuffs, thigh cuffs, ankle cuffs and ballet boots.
    insert electric vaginal plug, and electric anal plug.
    put on Low-frequency generator to stimulate the nipple and breast.
    Live wearing ordinary clothes on this chastity wear.

    I’m sure, it’s very exciting play.
    But, it can be realized……because living in japan

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