On Sunday morning, August 9, you will have the unique opportunity to meet and/or shoot my beautiful assistant Dominique in full chastity gear!
You can take pictures and video of Dominique, or just meet her and have lunch with her! She will be locked in her own belt, plus bra, thigh bands, cuffs and collar, nothing else! You can unlock everything if you want, but the belt stays on!
The location is a cozy photo studio in Woerden, the Netherlands. There are lights, coffee, tea, and cookies! Please email me at webmaster@chastitybabes.com for more information about costs and details!
If you can not make it to the Netherlands, you can also order a custom shoot (exclusively for you), and me and Dominique will make sure you get what you want!

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  1. I first heard about chastitybabes.com when I was web searching about the many uses of chastity belts in other countries when CB-025 popped up. Is Dominique open to talking about how she and her mom became interested in chastity belts? Is it now just a job to Dominique? Is her mom still an acting keyholder? Are there any conditions when she go’s to do other shoots unbelted?

    • Just google that chick. She’s a famous model and playmate. Of course it’s a job. But not “just” a job as you put it. Damn that girl is hot.

  2. Stephen Miletus says:

    Will there be an update of the events for those of us who could not attend? Just the basics would suffice: how many attended, how long it ran, etc.

  3. Hi everyone,

    I was the one that got the opportunity for the “Dominique Meet&Greet / Custom Shoot”.
    It took me some time to get home because I don’t live near to Woerden (NL).

    Dominique is just so beautiful and she is very professional. It took me some time to realize she is really there.

    I could use the studios equipment and the webmaster showed me how to get the best pictures and videos.
    Dominique and the webmaster answered all my questions and they asked me about my interest in chastitybabes.com.
    None of my ideas were refused. I could even try something in front of the camera.

    I am not going to share any of my footage, sorry.

    And I have got an advice to anyone who possibly gets another opportunity to such a Meet&Greet:
    Treat the girls with respect, because if they wouldn’t do the job, you couldn’t get the pictures or videos.

    It was an awesome experience. It was all worth the money.

    Dominique and webmaster thank you so much.

    • I didn’t get to attend, but I DID order a custom shoot with Dominique, and yes, there is NO question that she is beautiful, and clearly a very sweet and pleasant person.
      While I certainly agree with BG’s comments, I would assume that treating ANYONE with respect would be a natural criterion for just about anything.

      I had HOPED to be the lucky participant, but was a bit too late in responding… though I very much hope that such an opportunity will arise once again soon.

  4. Have you ever done a 2 year chastity belt contract

  5. Why not have dominique’s mom in a belt and give dominque the permtion to say how long

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