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Legendary bondage model Cobie from Australia was touring the world for the first time in her life, visiting many interesting bondage countries like the USA, Germany, and the UK. She was travelling to lots of fetish and bondage producers to work with them, and she wrote me if a stay in Holland was possible. She had already heard from other producers and models that she would be locked in a chastity belt for the duration of the stay, and that very much excited her!!
As you may have seen on my (or Cobie’s) Twitter account, she actually was in the apartment for 13 days. It was supposed to be 9 or 10 days, but the next producer wasn’t ready to receive her yet, so she faced an unexpected extra 3 days in the belt at the end. Cobie just enjoyed every minute of it! She is a super modest, sweet, and submissive girl, with an incredible talent for tight bondage and bondage endurance.
I had a second hand NeoSteel belt in my studio which was just an unbelievably perfect fit! Like it was made for Cobie! I don’t have the tool (yet) to remove the slotted anal cover, so she had to ask permission to use the bathroom for 13 days. She could still pee through the belt, but she found that so messy that she asked for toilet permission every time she had to go.
Cobie tried everything, even double plugs and a remote controlled electro plug, she was really exploring her belted life! But most of the time, she was just locked in the NeoSteel, and if she wasn’t shooting, she was asking me to take her sight seeing. She is from Australia, so she really wanted to see as much of Holland as possible!! She never even asked for a break, slept in her belt right from the start, and was never complaining or negative.
In this (guess the city) update, you will see the things Cobie loves most in life: candy, Miffy, and tea (and did I mention LOTS of candy?). I had such a great time with her, she is a perfect Chastity Babe with a perfect belt!

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  1. Basil Blake says:

    Wow, she looks very likable and authentic. Definitely a top candidate for long term (30 d ++)… :-)

    I think we all love the idea of witnessing her long term frustration and desperation, caused by cold steel and a merciless vaginal plug (maybe a remote vibrator this time???).

    And: her boobs should definitely remain uncaptive, for additional frustration :-) :-)

  2. Mike the Director says:

    An excellent update. This lady is a natural.

    I hope that there will be a studio session linked to this lady at some point.

    Well done for producing a well-lit, informative video.

    Toll on the 400th update!

  3. Basil Blake says:

    “meow meow meow meow =^.^=”

    … seems that being belted can cause “extraordinary” behaviour :-) :-) :-) Maybe, you should have a break ???

    Joking aside: you’re %100 right & I hope she will join future deals and stay locked up for a VERY VERY long time…

  4. Utrecht!!

  5. Cobie is a great model and lovely guest. I hope you will have more photos and videos from her stay!

  6. I know she’s a famous bondage model and bendy like there’s no tomorrow.

    But when I see her….hear her…

    To me….she’s the epitome of the drop dead gorgeous girl next door.

    There’s just something about her that screams that.

    Then you check out some of her work and…well…..Please tell me you shot her for She’d look good on as well. But yeah, come on MB!

    When you started interviewing her from the café on, that was seriously sweet. I love it when you do that. :)

    • It’s funny, the more I listen to it, the more I can literally hear the smile on your face Mr. Webmaster. :)

      That’s pretty cool.

      See….you’re not easily wowed…

      And I can hear the smile on your face. :)

      Oh yeah, this series is gonna be good!


      *(I am unsure of your stance on profanity in the comment section but I felt compelled to add it in some form)

  7. Nothing beats a good tight NeoSteel belt.

    And she’s showing that it can be worn under clothes in public. Great!

  8. Basil Blake says:

    Cobie is great, no doubt…

    However, I hope the next update will show Nelly again.

    She’s definitely our “queen of cuteness” :-) :-) :-)

  9. can’t find cobie on twitter.

    A link to her twitter is very nice to see here

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