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Donna sure has a lot of initiative this year! She really wanted to do a ‘cute’ update for you, the members, so we went and did exactly that. This is not my idea, and Donna really hopes you will love this! As always, please comment below!
Donna was really getting more and more used to the belt and collar from day 5 onwards, but her health was still failing her. She was a real trooper though, helping me out with a lot of things around the studio and in the apartment. We worked together much more closely than last year, because of the style of belt we couldn’t really go our own way, I always needed to be in close range for supervised toilet breaks (although she could pee through the belt), and hygiene/shower breaks. We solved this by using a plastic numbered seal if I really had to go away, so Donna could have one break on her own (by cutting the plastic seal) and she could lock herself back in using the metal padlock. I trust her 100%, Donna would not take any advantage of this situation, and she would lock herself right back in again.
In this cute update, you’ll see a very sexy and happy Donna, and one very lucky bear! She hopes you will enjoy it! Remember: there’s still time to make member suggestions for her stay, she is still belted!


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  1. jason collins says:

    I agree with WendyNeko, the chastity bra should stay off, and if the rear strap was thinner then Donna could (in theory, go when she had to). Keep up the good work, Donna your the best.
    P.S What a lucky, lucky bear :-)

  2. Basil Blake says:

    Her breasts are too cute to be locked… :-)

    Since most girls can’t orgasm with breast stimulation only, her “freedom” will even increase her frustration… :-)

  3. Wow ! Donna is really too cute ! Year after year she is more comfortable with her chastity belt.

  4. I love Winnie the Pooh! And, of course, I love Donna in her cute collar and chastity belt! Thank you for bringing the two together!

  5. Thaniel says:

    I really like the heavy collar on Donna. The new chastity belt, well, it kinda looks somewhat slapped together by bits and pieces. Even though I can see it have been shaped and worked to it’s current design.
    But it does fit her body nicely atleast. Very slimline.

    Going outside in the current gear shouldn’t be an issue.
    And while seeing her in a chastity bra would be nice, she is very yummy as she is now anyway.
    As long as she keeps the collar on :)

    Wery well done Donna.

  6. I’m jealous of a plush bear …

    Anyway …

    As suggestion, well I’m partial to full chastity, but with this belt … no the brightest idea.

    I Wonder: We saw a few ‘plugged’ challenge. Is it possible to do a ‘geisha balled’ challenge with a belt ?

  7. It’s not because she looks so adorable, although she does.

    It’s not because she is taking the initiative, although that’s wonderful.

    It’s not because both her and the belt look so good, although they very much do.

    It’s because the bear is not just something that happens to be in the room but instead she is playfully interacting with him.

    That’s why I can’t stop smiling.

    Please tell her thank you and as always, thank you for making this happen. You can’t see this anywhere else. :)

    PS: I like the music, it set a nice mood.

  8. Has she ever seen the American film “Ted”?

    Exactly how sure are you that the bear’s not sentient? :)

  9. Thaniel says:

    Oh yes, Geisha balled for a day or two would be awesome.

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