chastity belt 

The ultra thick solid round slave collar. It is very heavy, weighing in at 666 grams (1.47lbs if I converted that correcly), and it is locked onto Donna with the same padlock that is on her belt. She would only need 1 little key to free herself, but she doesn’t have this key. And she is worried.
Her first night under the new regime. No toilet break during the night. A different belt. But the worst of all (for Donna) is the super heavy collar. The loose O-ring clanks around as she prepares herself for bed. Donna always needs a few nights to get used again in Amsterdam, so she did not expect to get much sleep. But with this collar… how will she get ANY sleep? Is it possible for a human being to get used to such a heavy locked-on item? I guess we will find out in the next days.
Watch this video clip to see Donna struggle with the new gear. She is clearly not settled in yet, lights off, lights on, checking her phone… the number one Chastity Babe is back in Amsterdam, but this time things are different. Donna still looks awesome though, and she is very positive about interviews and the cameras this year! We should get some nice insights and great footage of a cheerful (sometimes even silly) Donna as time goes by, and maybe even a few fan meetings or shoots! Donna has only just started her Chastity Deal, anything can happen!

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  1. Each time I see the collar it looks more imposing. Many thanks to the generous member who funded it.

    Donna in the Amsterdam apartment locked in chastity, everything seems right in the world.

    If the clinking continues to keep her awake at night, there’s a trick she can use that will quiet it down. It won’t help with the weight of it though. That’s a challenge she will have to deal with in her own way. :)

  2. just looking at her leaning over her phone tires me out. but having that much weight around my neck would disturb me at night as well. Sleep and awake are between a rock and a hard place.

  3. One tip I have to offer is for Donna to elevate her head for the first few nights so that the collar can rest around her neck instead of leashing her via gravity to the mattress.

  4. slavelabor says:

    What happened to WendyNeko??? She’s usually the first to post.

  5. Are you going to set up the counter of how many days Donna is in the belt?

  6. I often sleep in a heavy collar, and at first I also found it difficult. Especially since I mostly sleep on my back, the weight of the collar would be felt on my throat which was uncomfortable.

    One trick that helped me, was to roll up some of the pillow and put it under my neck, so the collar would be supported by the pillow and not resting on my throat.

    Now I have no trouble sleeping in my SM-Factory collar.

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