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This is getting more and more exciting, Jade actually spent quite a long time in the belt with the 2 plugs inside of her! She even went to work a few hours, and managed to meet a guy who she really liked. She can not go out with him though, what will he think! But Jade already agreed to see him that night. A chastity belt can interfere with social activities like dating, but it can be explained, but what about a belt with 2 plugs inside? The guy will probably think she is crazy (however, I would be my dream to meet a girl like this, so not everyone would react the same way).
I would love to see Jade go out in a belt. Actually, I made it a new Challenge for her: public footage with double plugs too or I would consider this Deal a failure. And we all know Jade doesn’t like to fail at anything! Maybe filming a date would be too problematic (the guy probably wouldn’t like being filmed anyway), but Jade really has to go outdoors and give us some exciting public footage!
Don’t get me wrong, this video is fantastic, it really shows how tough it is to deal with having two steel plugs inside of you! Jade is getting more and more excited by the front plug, while the back plug is really starting to annoy her. Showering is not easy, but she manages to do everything, including putting lotion on her legs (even if she has to sit on the floor for this). The best part is that Jade never stops muttering to herself, so we get a great insight in this Chastity Deal.
When she finally sits down to watch television and sighs: ‘this chastity sucks…’, you almost feel sorry for her… Almost!!

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  1. What’s wrong with dating a girl in a chastity belt? The belt doesn’t stay on forever. I’d probably be quite amused if I was the guy seeing her.

  2. I can’t get over how talkative she is.

  3. Nice challenge, though my preference would go to a tight corset under a tight belt.

  4. roadie12 says:

    I would like to see a version of this challenge featuring Donna, she has grown so much in experience from her other challenges

  5. Basil Blake says:

    Nice to see how being double plugged increases the sensitivity of a chaste girl. However, IMHO this should not become part of your regular challenges, it’s just too cruel (and everyone will agree that chaste girls naturally deserve gentle attendance at its best)…

    What about trying an outdoor vaginal plug challenge with a remote vibrator? I think such an experiment could be very lovely, just imagine a visit to a crowded shopping mall or an evening in an elegant coffee bar with “unforeseeable” activations :-) And not to forget: the chaste girl’s sweet embarrassment caused by her “plastic friend’s” operating noise in silent public areas (maybe a university’s library…?) ;-)

  6. NewGuest says:

    How about try double vibrating dildo instead next time? Soft plugs might be better to stay longer.

    • Basil Blake says:

      I appreciate your idea, that would be the “king of challenges”. But how to find a girl considering this as practicable? Don’t you think this scenario is just too exaggerated ;-) ???

      • While some of the challenges may be a little mad, the models aren’t.

        They’re curious about something different, inclined towards taking on challenging things and penchant to give a middle finger to the world (and sometimes the camera). For some there’s also the drama and the beautiful stage that is Chastitybabes to play it out on.

        But not mad.

        Oh, and the cash. Yeah, let’s not forget the cash.

  7. To increase the time to wear a row you need to find a solution which would fulfill the needs with anal plug inserted.

  8. I think it should have a little more to it I’d suggest this game:
    or maybe a dice system that would consist of if you role
    (1) you must wear full chasity gear for the next day and night
    (2) you get shocked
    (3) an extra plug for today
    (4) Your hands are chained to the belt for the rest of the day
    (5) roll the dice another 2 times
    (6) you are lucky
    I don’t know if you should do it every week or day
    this I dea was origanally from: fenix300
    origanol massage:
    Fenix3000 March 14, 2015
    It would be cool to see you play a little game like this: You start being locked up with 30 days left before you are unlocked. At the end of every week you need to roll a dice. Depending on the result of the roll the following happens:
    (1) You must wear full chastity gear for the next day and night
    (2) To bad – your remaining days in chastity are doubled
    (3) Three more weeks are added to your chastity duration before being unlocked
    (4) Your hands are chained to the belt for the rest of the day
    (5) You choose: Either 5 hours with a plug or 5 more days in chastity
    (6) You are lucky – nothing happens

  9. Locked_inSteel says:

    A chastity belt does not interfere with social activities like dating! I’ve been wearing a continuous-crotch steel chastity belt since last summer.

    For socializing, I’m always locked with plugs. For a relaxed nigh out a resto-bar I’m locked with a 3″ 3-ball anal plug, with comfy super-stretch super-skinny denims and snug athletic long sleeve collared shirt. Feels great, heightened mood – but without overstimulating or aroused/horny. Just a pleasant happy mood!

    When ladies ask for pleasure, without going into details – I simply tell them that I’m locked in chastity and having an intercourse is simply not possible. Most of the time the reaction is positive and makes for a great conversation. (Too many details might turn off vanilla people and look weird)

    The 4-ball plugs that Jade is wearing are not that bad and don’t get into the way as much. 5-ball plugs interfere A LOT, overwhelming, hit on the wrong spots, heavy and not comfortable at all. 3-ball plugs are the best for long-term wear. Not intrusive or stimulating, but enough to feel them.

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