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Here it is! The first real ‘daily life’ update of a girl in a chastity belt with TWO metal plugs locked inside her! And the best thing is: the girl is Jade Indica, who never stops commenting on how she feels, what she feels, and what she thinks! So we get a perfect insight in what it’s like to be in a rigid chastity belt with two 4-ball plugs inside.
The manufacturers of these belts created slots for the plugs to slide back and forth, but they obviously never tested this themselves. This idea works with 1 plug (the vaginal plug) inserted, a girl will be able to bend over and the plug will slide through the slot, giving her a big range of motion. With two plugs, this does not work, as Jade finds out. She is held very rigid by the two metal dildos inside her, and bending over is very hard, as she has to tilt her hips completely forward. Jade soon discovers that it is best to go down on all fours if she wants to get something from the floor.
She isn’t confident she will keep this up for long. Jade even finds it hard to do the dishes, and when she remembers she has to clean the kitchen floor as well, it is enough reason for her to try and call in sick for (tomorrow’s) work. Unfortunately, her boss does not accept her reasons, because the coughing she tries to fake is interrupted by sudden cries of pleasure when she shifts her body position. The plugs make her jump several times, but it is not all bad. It is a mixture between pleasure and discomfort. Let’s see if she can get over the discomfort and take on this incredible Challenge… or will she have to give up?

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  1. Maybe a flexible plug might be better

  2. LoveSteel says:

    She must have a great time. Would look even better with the steel bra added to the outfit.

  3. Basil Blake says:

    The last days I hesitated with reactivating my expired account. But this update really revived my enthusiasm for this website!!! ;-)

    It is always nice to witness how easily chaste girls can be dominated and submitted by locking them into plugged belts. The combination of arousal and frustration helps a lot to turn them into obedient beauties, full of grace and sweetness… :-)

    Combining this with common housework is such a nice idea, it creates a situation of extended humiliation (in a positive sense), which is just heartwarming…

  4. She is beautiful, daring, wonderfully vocal and funny.

    Honestly, the last thing I expected to hear today was the phrase, “I hate you floor” : D

  5. Young-engr says:

    Heat shrink tubing is a minimum requirement. Jade is a dominatrix out inNew York or somewhere? Is that what she is calling in sick from? She does castration , humiliation type stuff.

    Well in other news I am done with a lot of school / work stuff so I have some free time. I don’t want to mould out device for my female friend (it was to much work anyways and I was wanting less chastity from her)

    Who wants to go start listing materials comfortable on skin or details about how how the human body moves.
    WendyNeko, Daniel, Pyra?

  6. All that she need is a good corset, and bending problem solved :)

  7. I´ve always done that on both openings, it is electrical tape, you don’t the rubber to come off in that area :)

    • Like I said, wrap it with electrical tape (and glue the lining). But it might be hard to find pink electrical tape.

    • Basil Blake says:

      It may be a little bit off topic, but for the sake of completeness I want to add the following:

      The wearing comfort of male devices increases a lot by applying lubricant on the penis and lotion on the contact area of the testicle ring (the cage becomes almost unnoticable, except in special “situations”, when it does its job…). The only problem is the arousal a well lubricated and tight cage may cause sometimes ;-)

      It’s also a great help that refilling lubricant in a locked cage can easily be done by using a pipette (small bottles with pipettes are available in drugstores, pharmacies or online…).

      What about applying lotion to the sensitive contact areas under a female belt? Does a secure belt with sufficient tightness allow that???

    • Hi Basil, the answer to your question depends on what you mean by sufficient tightness.

      Because you’re a member I can recommend 2 videos for you to watch that will help answer the question.

      In Natalia’s recent challenge, in update 316 (which is shot beautifully) you can see where she could apply lotion if she needed to, and her belt was snug.

      Then if you watch update 332 with Isabel Dean, her belt was really tight. She’s not applying anything anywhere.

      Your answer depends on what you call sufficiently tight.

    • Basil Blake says:

      Hmm, some members seem to have encyclopedic knowledge about this site’s videos’ content :-) I really appreciate it, thank you…

      What I meant by using the term “sufficient tightness” was a level that prevents the wearer from touching her private area with her fingers and pleasuring herself until having an orgasm. IMHO a serious belt should be able to protect its wearer from masturbating without causing injuries…

      Tight female belts may also have a very beautiful side effect: the permanent pressure on the wearer’s clit can cause a certain level of permanent stimulation, which might be very lovable (I remember how once a friend of mine, a chaste girl of course, was extremely shamefaced, when a waitress in a public ice cream parlor alerted her to her dripping out of her mini skirt – her red tomatoe face was just so lovely then :-)

    • Most well fit female chastity belts, particularly new ones, apply little or no stimulating pressure on the clitoris. (Maybe your friends’ belt is older or ill fitting)

      If you watch update 285 you can see Donna’s original front shield has no slit but instead small holes and the shield is shaped to make little contact with the clitoris or labia.

      Maybe the waitress thought your friend was peeing on the floor. Still a reason to be embarrassed.

    • Basil Blake says:

      Indeed her belt was an oldfashioned one from Spain, it resembled the ancient Victorian belts and had nothing in common with today’s modern (BDSM) chastity belts. It looked quite primitive with its monstrous hinges and chains, however it was serious enough for daily wear…

      Regarding the issue of reducing pressure, the Carrara belt seems to be a great innovation. Ariel Anderssen’s video introducing it is one of my definite favourites. I love her calm and relaxing voice and her admiration for the belt’s comfort and security.

      Hope that we will see this fancy belt again in future times (although my main sympathy belongs to the My-Steel belts with colored silicones, Donna’s red one is so adorable)… ;-)

  8. add to metal bra, metal corset and ballet boots!!

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