chastity belt 

On the first morning, our little Birdy wasn’t too happy of course, but that’s understandable. Even without a chastity belt, some people just aren’t morning persons! It was great to see Birdy make a slow start on this new day! She was almost halfway there, and she survived the night!
Her energy was low because of the lack of sleep, so showering and eating was all a bit too much for her in the morning. She showered but she did not really want to try to clean herself, so it just looked like she was spraying a little water on her legs. Eating did not work either, she was not hungry and she did not want to eat too much, afraid to make her belt tighter!
Eventually she called her friend again, who – from overhearing this phone call – turned out to be the one who made her sign this Chastity Deal! I wonder who that could be? Maybe Birdy Dee is in a D/s relationship? Or was it just a very good friend who convinced her to go through with it after she had enjoyed her Castings so much? Anyway, our tall Scottish babe was clever enough to realise she could not give up now. She wouldn’t get any money if she quit now, and she was almost 24 hours into her 48-hour Chastity Deal! Don’t worry Birdy Dee, you look awesome in blue!

Please note: I am getting a lot of requests from girls who want to spend a weekend in the Amsterdam apartment. There are still some weekends available (until Donna arrives), so feel free to apply! Please include some details about yourself, what you expect to get out of the Deal, as well as a few recent pictures!

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5 comment(s) to “Birdy Dee – morning rituals”

  1. fokusnik says:

    Brilliant stuff, beautiful girl… hopefully she’ll get used to being belted for much longer periods.
    And if you ever need an apartment someplace warm for one of the girls, let me know !!

  2. Haha, she wasn’t so depressed, it was early in the morning. I am like this too in the morning ;)

  3. Beautiful girl! Since I have an agreement with my keyholder that I won’t be released from my chastity belt until we see Birdy Dee released here, I guess I have to wait until Friday at least…

  4. I just joined the site and this is the 1st clip I looked at. She is a bit of a drama queen. I mean she knew what she was getting into before she started, she is getting money for doing nothing but wearing a chastity belt. She should not be such a sourpuss. Easy money for doing nothing.

    Cheer up :)

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