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It was already late when Birdy Dee arrived at the Amsterdam apartment. I let her in and told her I would see her in the morning, because I think it was all a bit much for our poor leggy blonde. I just love to review footage of girls who have just been belted. The realisation, the futile tugs at the gear, the thought of the daunting task ahead of them… it is the reason I started this website! Yes, I love to document this stuff, that’s just my fetish.
Birdy didn’t disappoint. She did everything we have come to expect from a girl’s first few hours in the apartment. She took off her clothes immediately to get a second look at the blue chastity gear, tugged at the locks a little, and then called a friend. It’s great to listen in to these conversations! “I have actually done it!”, Birdy tells her friend on the phone, “but it is not just a belt, it is a bra as well!!”. Her friend doesn’t seem to understand what she is talking about or what she is going through, so Birday hangs up and removes her (spectacular) high heels. She has been wearing those all day, and to me that seems even harder than being locked in chastity gear, but that might just be me.
Looking at this footage, I definitely have to mention that Birdy Dee is possibly the most gorgeous girl I have locked in metal so far. Her legs just go on forever!! I love the way the belt looks on her, because her legs make it look so good! Her blonde hair, great personality, and the blue chastity gear… it is just a perfect combination. Of course she will make it, she begged for a Deal so she is not going to quit. But we are in for a treat watching her, that’s for sure!
Oh, and don’t forget to watch the funny moment at the end where Birdy looks straight into one of the cameras :)

5 comment(s) to “Birdy Dee – at the apartment”

  1. lovechastity says:

    this girl is a charm in chastity belt and bra, I’m in love with the beauty of it.

  2. Quote “Surely… it won’t come off” and “Surely…it’s not on?” Wonderful update, wonderful girl.
    She must come back for more time in a belt.

  3. roadie12 says:

    now the adventure begins as well as more great updates

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