chastity belt 

English dialogueThe girls were really nervous about what would be on the little table on Thursday morning! They were so surprised to see the keys to their belts lying there! I told them to unlock the fronts of their belts, and put two soft vibrator plugs on the table!
Pink soft vibrator plugs! Kacie and Roxy were looking at them… wide eyed… ‘Are they supposed to go inside?’, Kacie asked. They picked up the plugs and played with the remote controls. ‘Ooh, it is really powerful!’, they exclaimed. Without thinking too long, both girls inserted the plugs and locked their belts back up. They quickly returned the keys to me (without me asking), they couldn’t wait to go back to playing with the knob on their cute pink remote controls. This was going to be a fun day in class! Much better than yesterday!
After school, Kacie was glowing with pleasure! Roxy was not sharing her enthusiasm though, she hadn’t dared to play with the vibrating plug, afraid that anyone would hear the buzzing sound. Settling down on the bed, Kacie encouraged Roxy to try turning the vibration speed up all the way. Soon, they both got into it so much that all they could do was lie back on the bed and play with their (and each other’s) remote control. And that’s when things got really interesting! Automatically, their hands went to their boobs. Almost all girls do that when they are stimulated, their hands will go to their nipples. But they were locked in chastity bras, and they couldn’t touch themselves anywhere! ‘I wish I could touch my boobs!’, they both sighed… Frustration and arousal levels were peaking! They slipped under the covers to moan and play for a long time, the metal gear preventing any real relief. So much fun to watch!!

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  1. young-engr says:

    Cool. Idk I think it would be hard not to finish. But finishing is good we shouldn’t forget. Have fun guys

  2. young-engr says:

    You could help a friend finish at almost and volts and hz but you would have to put yours down and focus on them. Kinda the classic “prisoners dilemma”

  3. I must say that this kind of education seams to be a lot of fun! Another five days perhaps?

  4. Very nice! Only one thing would make these even more fun, Radio control. That way they could play with one another even in class.

    Fully insertable units like like an egg don’t protrude the way these plugs do so they are less noisy, especially a good quiet but strong model.

    Any difficulties using the facilities with those plugs in?

    • A chastity belt is already a passive means of saying “you can’t have pleasure until I say you can” But adding the right kind of toy also says “you will have stimulation whenever I see fit”.

      Some even use painful toys in S&M…I’m not one of them.

      But remote control play…sign me up!

  5. Now that’s entertainment!… until the batteries run out!

    • the toys draw their power from the remotes. You can just change the batteries.

    • Even if the knobs could get stuck, you can still remove the batteries. its the wireless ones you have to worry about. And That’s only if they stay on even after the remote dies or malfunctions (Or if someone else is controlling it).

    • And there’s a conundrum because when the batteries die down, surely the pleasure factor drops and frustration begins to set in? When the batteries die, you give them the option of going without or they go to the shop chained together & pay for batteries out of their own (pocket) money.

      • You could simply withhold the remote. Also it doesn’t do you any good to have it any way once the batteries run out or the other set of batteries in the unit its self run dead. You still have to remove it to change them. Also you have to keep turning it of when its not in use. Its always on a standby mode listening for commands. These units are hard wired so that off is really off

  6. PlugLover says:

    My proposal: Lelo Hula Beads – fully insertable and remote controlled (by keyholder,…) You find them on Amazon for 100 €. Shall I participate in coverining the cost?

  7. What white is it the girl to the left have under her belt?

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