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After the massage, Misha felt a lot better! It really helped her to relieve the pressure of the belt on the crotch, waist, and hips. Dominique was talking to her like she is promoting chastity belts for every girl! Just hear her go, trying to convince Misha that everything will get better, she will get used to it, and that another 10 days is a walk in the park!
I love having Dominique as my assistant, she can say things that I can not (and give massages!), girls seem to feel very safe with her. Dominique talks about wearing her chastity belt like it is a piece of clothing, carefully avoiding subjects like frustration, and arousal, and the fact that the keys are held by a third party. She really knows how to convince girls to keep going!
Meanwhile, Misha is mainly worried that her panties don’t fit over her chastity belt. While I don’t really like underwear over a chastity belt (I feel that a belt IS the underwear), I did not want to interfere in Dominique’s attempt to reassure Misha. True, the back of her belt looks really odd with the small G-string she is wearing, and even Dominique couldn’t suppress laughing at the sight of the anal opening peeking out on both sides.
Watch the amazing video as the girls become closer and closer, and Misha reaches a point where she decides to go through with this Deal. Belted hugs are so cute!!

English subtitles are included in the member download!

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  1. Dominique would be a wonderful therapist if she wanted to be one. No, really, she could be. Knowing how to make someone relax and laugh is Dominique’s strength. Misha, you might get so used to wearing the belt, you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

    Or, is it this way? No one wears a chastity belt. The chastity belt wears you.

  2. If Misha is simply finding that rigid style belt uncomfortable then maybe you can switch her to a chain style belt like Dominique. maybe even ask Dominique to try on a rigid one just to experience what Misha has to put up with.

  3. chastityman says:

    Sorry for post my question here but, How buy the chastity belt of Hannah Claydon in update 243 ?

  4. ChastityLover says:

    I thought the massage was great, but Misha and Dominique keep getting better! I’m sure Misha will finish the deal with such great counseling. Both are lovelier than ever. I would like to see Misha get very comfortable in her belt and come back for a much longer deal.

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