chastity belt 

English dialogueAlmost at the end of her ordeal, Natalia Forrest had been changed into an incoherent mess, torn between discomfort and pleasure. Although the stimulation over the past 48 hours had been nice (to say the least), the frustration became so overwhelming she couldn’t even focus on anything else.
Natalia Forrest had been locked in a plugged chastity belt and a chastity bra for almost 2 days in a row, without breaks. Do not underestimate this feat, it is unlikely to be repeated by any other Chastity Babe soon! She learned how to use the toilet with a plug inside, she was dripping wet for 2 days straight, and the ball shaped plug kept stimulating her with every move. It slides back and forth in the secondary shield, but Natalia also discovered she could move it slightly in and out when she was tugging on the secondary shield padlock.
Not being able to touch her breasts only added to the frustration. I thought she was going to burst! At the end of the Deal, she really really needed to get the gear off. It was almost time, there were only a few hours left for her to get her cash. Needless to say, she made it, making some good money to satisfy her shopping addiction! Stay tuned for the unplugging video, you will love Natalia’s reaction (as always!).

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  1. Natalia comes back and wants a chastity belt with plug!

    She now knows that it´s a much more pleasant feeling to have an orgasm after several hours of frustration. Maybe 48 hours are a little too long, but from morning to evening should make her both frustrated and very happy to finally get an orgasm.

  2. She is awesome

  3. “Ooh it’s nice… No, it’s not !” (Natalia, in update 320)
    Ahd that is how she perfectly summarized her plugged challenge by herself in one short sentence. The current update only seems to confirm. ;-)

    So the end is near. It seems our beloved Natalia finally abandonned her idea to go outside in her current state. So bad.
    But for the moment, let’s just enjoy. Not sure we’ll see something so exciting again on ChastityBabes for a while… Unless we have in store such another shopping addict babe in need for cash, hehe.

    I would only suggest a kind of survival 101 for her keyholder, when unbelting time comes:
    1) Toss her the key from a distance
    2) Quickly put the money on a table and run for your life ! (^^)

  4. It is amazing how so many of us are actually addicted to our erotogenic zones for sexual satisfaction and our minds can become “jammed” not being able to think about anything else and going crazy until they find some pleasure. This is precisely what Natalia is like, she certainly has to learn a lot from the Chastity Babes godess, Donna ;-)

  5. Natalia Forrest is probably the funniest Chastity babe, because in the beginning she hates chastity belt. Then probably thought many that she would never come back.

    But what happens? She returns repeatedly, and it becomes more steel each session. Had it been only the money, she would surely find another way to obtain them.

    I think she LOVES chastity belt, but at the same time complain and get angry at Webmaster.

    The next time she returns, there should be two Ben-Wa balls waiting for her. ;)

  6. I would like to see her get a maledom/chastity related tattoo.

    She would look great in heels and a sheer catsuit.

    Next time she should be offered an early release if she cries convincingly enough and begs sincerely. She is really emotionally expressive.

    What a doll, I hope she comes back for some more challenges, I would like to see her leashed and in mittens. And of course gagged. She should be seen and not heard!

  7. Conway is right, if ever a girl deserved the threat of a bitgag to deter her incessant whining, its Natalia :) not that I dont enjoy her emotiveness, itd just be nice to see her gagged. :P

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