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Yes, the sad news is that Donna left us yesterday! She was locked in her little red chastity belt for exactly 170 days! There have been so many adventures, even you (the fans) dropped by to check on her (belt) and say hello! I never thought a Chastity Deal could bring us so much!
I finally handed her the keys to the belt, at the last possible moment, and she took it off herself. She said she felt like her head was swimming, her body felt very unstable without the belt. A very weird feeling, like someone who has been wearing a back brace for months after an accident. She did not masturbate straight away, or did she feel like doing anything like that. Her mind is still very focused, it may even take a few days or weeks for her took seek pleasure again in that area!
Here is a little update of Donna eating strawberries and answering one of the most frequently asked questions: ‘how are you feeling?’. There is so much more I can post from her 170 day stay in Amsterdam, but I also feel it is time to use the coming months for some other amazing experiments and challenges that have been long requested by members.
I have a good feeling about Donna returning in 2015, so don’t be too sad, come April or May she may already be begging to come back and be locked again! I don’t want to lock her into the little red My-Steel though, so if you have any suggestions what gear I should have custom made for her return, please let me know (members only!!).
Farewell Donna, you have been amazing!!

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  1. <3 u will be missed. Hope u come back Next year and give us and new adventure. All credits to you 170 days wow. Next year maybe start little earlier so u can manage to do a half year. Yeah a change of belt is never wrong even tho i liked this alot. Merry Christmas Donna!!!

  2. Ahh it’s a sad day for all of us, Donna will be sorely missed, I hope she does decide to come back and get rebelted, I would love to see her in a carrera belt and bra combo, I was very impressed with the review by ariel anderssen, but until then at least we have lots of great videos and pictures to look at and remember the good times

  3. Would love to see her in a Fancy steel belt or perhaps just a belt and bra all the time.

  4. Did she bring the belt home to italy? Or did you not offer it to her?

  5. Already miss Donna’s update of the number of days she had worn the belt. But of course, she wants to come home to Italy.
    She should, of course, been chastised on her way home, but I look forward to seeing her return 2015th

  6. let’s see her in a carrera high security or a latwoski

  7. Donna was so great, why not lock her in a tollyboy fga200 next time

  8. Maybe a Neosteel.

  9. What a sad day!
    Sorry to see donna go will be missed

  10. interesting! Donna did not want to masturbate right away… I’ve heard accounts like this from other women on the internet who wrote about being belted. Maybe that’s because having an orgasm is something that is completely out of the question while wearing the belt and once the mind has settled for this, it takes some time to get used to having back what was taken from you.

    Now what would interest me next (I know, I’m not a member, so -fair enough I don’t get to make requests…so this is not meant to be one)is whether or not enforced chastity can be used to train a girl.

    For this experiment, you’d need a girl with a stong libido who masturbates quite a lot and is also used to wearing a belt so that physical discomfort does not get into the way or at least does not take the focus from the “chastity training”

    Now that girl would also wear the chastity belt for an extended amount of time, but unlike Donna would be unlocked a lot in order to get orgasms as rewards for fullfilling all kinds of tasks you set her.

    If she’s good, she’d get more orgasms a day than she would normaly have in her every day life – it wouldn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was that it’s not she who decides when she has her orgasms but the keyholder….

  11. it would be good to see the contract that donna signed.

  12. Obviously, next time she should use the heavy steel belt plus bra… No other items though.

  13. This girl has left her mark on Chastity Babes! I just wish that she will return soon. Like all good things have to end at some point, she had to leave (without the belt firmly locked on her body). She is the living proof that long-term chastity is possible as it’s just the first few months that are unbearable and then your mind adjusts and stops depending on sexual pleasures as much. Good luck Donna for your future, enjoy your freedom, have an amazing time back in your country but we all hope you will be back someday!

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