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English dialogueOne of the most frequent member requests was to get Hannah Claydon back for a Chastity Deal. Unfortunately, that is really really hard since she is a very popular model (very busy with shoots and television work), and she is a little reluctant because she really does not like chastity belts at all.
After a lot of emailing and discussion, I managed to get her back in the studio where I intended to lock her up for 24 hours. Unlike other models though, Hannah didn’t have time to hang around for a day, she needed to move on to do other things in Amsterdam. She had another shoot and even a date! At least, that’s what she said. Why do girls never think this through? I mean, I belted her, I was keeping the keys, and I even collared her. There is no way she could show up to a glamour shoot saying ‘oh yeah sorry about that, I’m locked in a chastity belt today’…
Hannah is still stunning, whatever her mood. And she looks incredible in lingerie and a collar, the topless scene is priceless! I am proud to have belted and collared this famous UK babe! I love my job!! Hannah did not really love her job that day though…
A lot of complaining and ‘this is ridiculous’ later, Hannah actually left my studio in a tight chastity belt and collar! I bet you are curious how this worked out! Stay tuned for the surprising turn of events!


5 comment(s) to “Hannah Claydon – back for more”

  1. She does not fit in a standard chastity bra (, but a custom made one would fit her. That would be very expensive.

  2. ChastityLover says:

    WoW! You keep bringing the girls & belts!

    Each new update is such a surprise and pleasure.

    Hannah, Welcome back! You are even more beautiful than last time! While I like the way you look in any bondage, you really look AWESOMELY FABULOUS in the metal collar and chastity belt.

    I would love to see you here again. Thank you!!

  3. Hannah, you are super sexy with your beautiful breasts and even sexier chastity belt. I’d love to see you locked in Fancy Steel.

  4. Stephen Miletus says:

    You, sir, are definitely persuasive! You were able to talk a girl into doing something unpleasant like wearing a chastity belt. Even if you’re offering money. We’re all certain Hannah regretted her choice for the next 24 hours, & could only ask herself, “How did I let myself get talked into this?”

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