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Yes, you finally let her out of the belt!! It is unbelievable in many ways! An interesting social experiment, in which I included non-members on purpose. With members only, Amarantha would have probably been out sooner. But voting as a visitor, in complete anonymity, brought out the evil side in many of you. For a while, I thought Amarantha would be locked for life, but as through some miracle, her quirky video reports got a big anonymous mass to stop trolling around and be serious about voting. I think it might be the first time on the internet that a big group of people felt some responsibility!
Amarantha brought back the camera yesterday, self reporting as she was approaching my office. She was so happy! She even brought a pair of underwear and she was very excited by the prospect of wearing them, instead of the rigid metal belt. I made her sit down, take off her dress, and tell you how she felt about the past two weeks. She really had enough of the belt, calling it a monstrous thing. Her skin was really bruised and red. Her life was a total mess, but it was a fun adventure!
She couldn’t sleep well, was late for work almost every day, almost lost her job, had to work late every day. Her relationship went totally the wrong way (hear more about it in the video). She has been everywhere in the belt: the supermarket, her work, to the beach (where some friends found out about her belt), to a party, and a lot more places in public.
After the interview, I suddenly pulled out the key, and her face was really priceless! She was so happy! She took off the belt immediately and it felt so great! She put her belt in her bag and got dressed again, this time wearing normal soft underwear for the first time in two weeks! Amarantha said we don’t have to call her any time soon to do this again… but I have a feeling she will be back for a new challenge on this website! But first we have to give her time to heal her scars, and heal her life. It was a wonderful journey, thank you Amarantha!!

Today is the best day of my life, better than graduating or getting married, it feels better than anything I have ever felt before!

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  1. Amarantha! Thank You so much for these two weeks + that you stayed in the belt for us, you´ll be one of the big stars here!



  2. Wow, that red mark is pretty brutal. Amarantha, you did pretty good going from wearing a belt 2 days at a time to being belted for 16 days. Quite a jump. It was overdue for you to be unbelted. I think you could be belted longer next time, but you could probably manage better in a waist style belt.

  3. I still voted no to release but I guess it’s okay for now… Next time it should be much longer, but perhaps with breaks like Donna.

    Thanks to Amarantha for playing along! :)

  4. Nothing “cock blocks” like a chastity belt. But I hope her fetish didn’t push him away forever.

    Letting the fans play key holder is one kind of challenge. I’m sorry if you let her leave and didn’t ask if not calling was a blanket stance for the next couple of years.

    Who else noticed her inner shield was also slotted?

  5. This has been the best chastitychallange on this site ever! Welcome to the freedom, Amarantha!

  6. WHAT? the last vote was %49 pro not %51 she should stood in her belt!!!

  7. Thank you Aramantha for sharing this experience with us. This was well worth the cost of membership. Please come back soon.

  8. slavelabor says:

    You where fabulous, miss you bunches

  9. As exciting as wearing the belt against your will can be, easily the best part of being belted is being unbelted haha! The “fun” is easier, stronger, and more enjoyable than ever, to say nothing about comfort and hygiene. It also seems the belt taught you a lot about yourself and the people around you – All wounds will heal with time, and I’m sure things will work themselves out for you.

    Also, keep in mind that your body is not yet used to this kind of term wear – discomfort and pains tend to ease the more frequently you wear it, allowing you to focus on the more enjoyable parts. The belt also warps to a certain extent around you (although bending it in key places is faster/better). Case in point: Ask Donna, who is on 90 days at this time and still going strong! I don’t believe you for a second that you will not wear the belt again – No more open-ended terms I can see that, but if you ever decide you’d like a set time, keep the site in mind! I’m sure Webmaster would be happy to help

    See you later Amarantha! You were great!

  10. The vote was against unbelting but ok

    • I think she was released before people stopped voting. The vote was 50/50 at some point (with rounding) but without, it was for unbelting.

      However, I had hoped she would have lasted 1/4 of the time Donna had done (that would have been 23 days so far – and counting) – eventually that would reach 25 days!

  11. Thursday report 49% pro unbelting and she was unbelted? Why?

  12. Oh my God, what a bunch of whiners! She was in the belt for 16 DAYS! Be thankful she went that long. Maybe she’ll come back and go longer.

  13. Thanks Amarantha for this fun deal! Hope to see you again. You looked perfect in that belt.

  14. I wonder how she’s doing now? The better she can recover, the less the other members have to feel guilty about keeping her belted or not voting either way.

  15. This kind of keyholding deals are awesome! I think you should try to get more girls to do this. :D

    This is a great site altogether, there’s hardly anything more sexy than a hot chick locked in a tight chastity belt.

  16. Have you heard anything from Amarantha recently?

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