chastity belt 

Carie woke up in her chastity belt for her 24 hour challenge. Realising what she had gotten herself into, she decided there was no other option than to get dressed and go to work.

But she just can’t get used to being belted. The belt is annoying her no end, because the waist band is tight and sitting in a rigid piece of metal is not easy. She is shifting in her seat, trying to work out what sitting position is the most comfortable.

Fortunately, no one is around at the office today, which is good for Carie since she picked the wrong outfit to effectively hide the chastity belt. The ass opening is clearly visible through her her black leggings, and bending over to get a file from the cabinet reveals the complete rear section of the belt.

8 hours of telephone calls and emails. At the end of the day, Carie must admit she almost forgot about the belt at some points. But still, she will be very happy when she will be allowed to take it off. Not yet Carie…. not yet!


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  1. young_engr says:

    You look great as always Carie. Unfortunately if you want to wear those underwear for longer periods of time you should rethink the design. If the back of the rigid metal is in contact with your spine you will develop serious back problems. If needed you may wish to make a few gaps at some places (like the spine) and add some flexibility. If it were me I would exchange metal for one of many available plastics, but you probably are going for a traditional look.

    • Webmaster says:

      Don’t worry, take a look at the Chastity Belts page, you will see the entire belt is coated in rubber. The metal is not in contact with her skin. Also, the metal is not too rigid, it is thin enough to be flexible.

    • Don’t worry. I have been locked in a chastity belt for weeks at a time without having it removed, and modern chastity belts are most of the time comfortable to wear, and does not press too hard in places where they shouldn’t.

      I’m wearing a Tollyboy FGA/200 with the dropped waistband, so other types of belts may of course be a different experience.

      • georgehs53 says:

        hi Sarah

        good to hear you are being locked up so much… so how about a photo shoot then so we can all enjoy you locked in your Tollyboy – sounds good the way you write it…go on, be a devil… Regina and Jessy did it… you know you want to

        • I’m glad you like my situation :)

          Not sure my bf would like to show me off in such a photo shoot though.

          • georgehs53 says:

            oh go on…we’d all really appreciate it….more than your BF …although we love Carrie and the girls, you are a ‘real chastity babe’ and you can let us know what it really feels like and what you get up to during the day in your belt…

            and anyway maybe he’ll just lock you up for a long time if you do it..think about it….but not for too long

          • Sarah,

            have you or yout bf ever thought about adding thigh bands to the belt?

          • We don’t use thigh bands. The belt is more than enough to keep me chaste. The belt is very tight in the right areas, and with the secondary shield it very effectively prevents any form stimulation.

  2. whocaressz says:

    Hi Carie, You look really nice! Maybe you can wear your watch on your right wrist in some future shoot? Greets!

  3. Andreas says:

    wow, a really great vid!!!!

    i like it. i also like her guess-watch, is it possible that she will wear her watch at the next shoot?

    that would be nice!

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