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Another report from work! This time, Amarantha is on the toilet, where she takes the opportunity to answer a few of your questions. A popular question is ‘how do you go to the toilet in a chastity belt?’.
Amarantha really takes her time to show you all the belt’s details. My-Steel has put a lot of thought into this. Just like Donna, Amarantha is locked into her very own custom made chastity belt. Everything lines up perfectly, making toilet visits easy (with a little training), even though self stimulation is still impossible. If you are really serious about chastity, you should always get a custom belt from one of the main manufacturers. An adjustable cheap belt is a great way to start though!
Amarantha also tells you about her day. Her colleague got fired, which is a good thing, since a better job may be opening up soon! But to get that new job, she really needs to get up earlier, and focus on work more, but the belt is not letting her. She is starting to feel some effects of the belt on her personal life and her skin is getting a little irritated.
On the positive side: Amarantha only wears skirts and dresses (she can not wear jeans with this belt), making her look very cute, althought she has to be careful about how she sits or bends over. She is really begging for the keys in this report, she doesn’t expect you to let her out, but it has been so long that even I think she should be unbelted. From her personal record of 48 hours to 2 weeks is incredible! And some of you were right: if we let her out now, she might come back soon to do a new challenge. Let’s be realistic and give her back her own keys soon!

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  1. I voted for unbelting her. I feel generous today!

  2. Let’s all look at her as a young professional and not a chastity slave. She really needs this and if she doesn’t get the position due to the belts effects she will not only lose out on the possibility of promotion, but she will probably NEVER trust us again with her fate. We have got to be strict yes,but we MUST temper our position as Master’s of her fate with reason and mercy when necessary. I believe this occasion calls for mercy and release to allow her to peruse her life goals. No person should be given power to deny someone such a thing.

    • Pete is right. We need to give her the key. We have no right to deny her such an opportunity. She will hate us if she doesn’t get the job because of her belt. Give up the key.

  3. Why cant she wear jeans with her belt? Could someone explain to me!

  4. Thank you for your incredible candor. I hope everyone votes to let you out to take care of life. I look forward to the possibility of a future visit.

  5. The vote is in favour of release! Keys tomorrow?

    Well done on the 15-day challenge and Good luck with the chance of the promotion. Hope you can return to hand-over your keys again sometime in the future.

  6. It’s been 15 Days, that’s plenty. Let her out. I still say on the condition that she does a quick challenge (maybe over a weekend to avoid problems at work as suggested). Maybe she has to wear gloves for a weekend without taking them off?

  7. At what point in the video does she say clearly that the fun is over and that she needs to be unlocked ? that the belt has now lost its appeal and is becoming a serious hindrance to her life ?

    All I saw and heard, was how nice the belt looks, how she enjoys showing off how it looks, how she enjoys touching the vaginal shield perforations and getting an ever so small nice sensation there, etc

    So by voting for the un-belting we are actually being “spoil-sports” by denying her the “game” that she seems to be enjoying so much.

    In my previous relationship, whenever I needed to be unlocked, there was a difference between sexual frustration need to be unlocked and a “REAL” need (discomfort/pain/work etc) and there was also a definite difference in the tone of voice and message contents that would differentiate the two reasons.

    Am I the only one not hearing a “real” wish on her behalf, or even a “real” demand, to end this game, that she seems to still be enjoying every day.

    • Even if she’s still a little excited about it, a “good” keyholder knows when a scene needs to be stopped for the subjects own good, whether they want to or not. Are you familiar with the expression….

      Leave them wanting more!

  8. Traumaemt says:

    When the webmaster says that even he thinks it is time for her to be unbelted, then it is time. She is really a beautiful woman. She has put up with a lot from us for a first time long term (longer than 48 hours) belting. And, given that even Donna has a cleaning break every Sunday, and Amarantha has not had one in the 15 days that she has been belted so far, I can see where she is getting skin irritation, and possible hygiene problems as well. Lets get her unbelted, and maybe she will come back to us for another try. We should be thinking about her hygiene next time also, and vote on that part of it.

  9. keyholder says:

    At this point of this intriguing series, I will only vote to let her out if I get really tired of the shoots in general. The only way I’m ever even entertaining the thought of letting her out is if she BEGS and I mean really BEGS. I want to see her struggle and try to escape her belt.

    • If we let her out now, maybe the Webmaster can arrange a struggle challenge with her on a subsequent visit. If her personal life really suffers then this will have been our first and last time doing this.

      Instant gratification Vs long term pleasure.

      Do you keep her a little longer now and risk losing her forever?

      Or, let her go and wait for her to return, wearing her belt, keys in hand?

      • What’s a struggle challenge?

        • I was just watching your last update again. Very impressive. You do not disappoint.

          If you would permit me to call this a loose definition.

          We all know know the model is inaccessible. They can tug or try to put fingers under but quickly stop due to the futility.

          Their requirement is a short video with:

          – tugging and pulling at it while standing then sitting then lying

          – include vocal triggers like “come on, come on”, a little panicky sounding “no, no, no”, maybe throw in a few frustrated “aaarrgghh”. By all means, be creative. (Donna’s 1st video this visit, as you backed away, she quietly said “what have I done” and my heart lept into my throat). Sometimes, it isn’t what you say but how you say it.

          – maybe try bolt or side cutters like Dominique, a lot of tools “look” like they would help. Try any keys you have, like Donna did with the handcuffs.

          All this is inevitably futile, but an animated, vocal, sustained effort (2 or 3 minutes) is quite thrilling.

          The challenge is to convince the voters to reward their efforts. You could ask, “Did the model show you enough frustration to permit their release”. Calm resignation to wearing a belt is exciting. The addictive cycle of frustration and release is as well. Unfortunately, not all models could or would do this and the challenge part is limited to voting scenarios.

          I apologize if this is long winded. I should have had a proper proposal prepared. I know there’s more I could add, this is kinda off the cuff.

          • – Maybe soft bondage mitts (have to be pliable enough to kind of hold the keys) and a timer set for 4min. Try, try, check the timer, oh no, try, try. Struggling to beat the belt, the mitts and the timer.

            – Maybe fill a large mug 1/2 full of water and freeze it. Lay the keys on top. Fill to the top with water and freeze. A couple of minutes on a table and the ice block will fall out. Set a timer. If they can get the keys in time they can have them. (No hammers permitted). Remind them that smashing on the floor could damage the keys. You may have to experiment with ice thickness, it’s no point if it’s impossible.

  10. Comeon guys let her out this time. We want her back for another challenge soon!

  11. I also agree that she should be released, and reiterate my opinion that this vote would go otherwise if only members were allowed to vote (however much I appreciate Wendy’s input).
    I think that Amarantha has done an excellent job, and that 10 days and 12 days were terrific milestones. 15 days is amazing, but she should have a break now, at least for a little while, prior to a 30 day challenge, for example.
    Good luck with the potential new job! And, come to think of it, Amarantha, you probably do deserve a little bit of fun by now…!

  12. I think she should be belted at least 15 more days…1 month of chastity is a good beginning!

  13. As it´s Friday today I guess we should let her out tomorrow Saturday when all small kids get their Saturdaygoodies.

  14. Love that outfit. She’s smoldering hot

  15. Just a few more votes would have broken the tie

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