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Yep, Amarantha almost did it! She almost got out after only 6 days in the belt, because she did a semi-fake self pity morning report! Please keep the following things in mind: this is Amarantha’s OWN My-Steel chastity belt, people don’t order a 700 euro belt if they are not into this fetish. Amarantha does have lots of chastity experience, she has been featured on websites like many times (locked in a chastity belt!). Although BloodAngels does not feature any update texts, it is safe to say that she was in the belt for more than a few hours over there.
Amarantha is fine, she is going out, going to work, fooling around here at the studio sometimes with some quirky visits, spilling drinks all over the walls. She is in good spirits, a little desperate at times, but she is coping. She wanted to be challenged, but now all she really wants is to get out of her tight belt! Although the votes are still in favor of keeping her in the belt, at the rate you were going (from 4% to 8% to 30%), she would be out today! I won’t stop you from voting to unbelt her, and if she gets to 51% I will definitely let her out (fair is fair), but please watch today’s video update before you make up your mind.
This was recorded yesterday. Amarantha is planning to go to a party in her cute military style dress. She is doing fine, although she doesn’t want her friends to find out, but the belt is completely invisible under this outfit. The situation with her boyfriend is somewhat defused, but if anything will get her out of the belt soon, it will be relationship problems. I don’t want to ruin her life with this challenge, even though Amarantha says he agreed on this in the first place. Don’t get me wrong though, she still is pleading to get out, and she is hoping you will release her before the weekend starts. It is not an easy life right now for her. It seems the Chastity Deals are always made a lot harder by the girls’ personal lives, it is often not the belt but the situation that will end the deal. Let’s see where the votes go now!

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  1. I think ten days would be a good duration.

  2. I think 30 days would be great.

    @Admin : Can you please ask her to pose a video dancing while wearing the belt…

    • I don’t know if she would be interested in doing this or not. She is a dancer but a different kind. In the off chance she would be though, I would recommend (if it’s possible to use) the music from one of the best dances I’ve ever seen.

      Minus the snake obviously!

      It’s from an old vamp flick, maybe it would appeal to her goth side. I bet she would get the same reaction.

  3. ChastityLover says:

    Amarantha, it’s exciting to see multiple posts from you in response to member comments and questions. That kind of interaction makes this deal even better.

    Thank you for your candor and detailed explanations.

    I look forward to seeing you out of your belt soon. Will we continue to hold the keys for another lockup period afterward?

  4. Hi Amarantha, you look amazing. It’s funny to think how many people might have noticed you doing this in your car and not given it a second thought.

    I was wondering if you could let us know if any of your friends noticed. Did a welcoming hug result in questions?

    The no’s are pretty high again, I’m curious as to whether or not you’ll eventually try to negotiate your way out.

    I hope you had a good evening. Thank you again for doing this.

  5. My vote is NO

    She still seems to be way to excited about wearing the belt, about the way it possibly shows up under her dress, about going to a party whilst belted, about what if she is discovered by her girlfriends.

    All in all, she still seems to be way to happy to still be belted, and this video didn’t portray any “real” reason to be unlocked, apart from some issues of pressure and rubbing.

    So sorry ..NO it is from me, as most of what she stated still sounded like it was still an exciting adventure for her.

  6. I voted no. She feels some discomfort from the belt, but it does not seem that bad. She does not really seem sexually frustrated yet, so let’s keep the belt on for some time… at least for as long as I have been locked up since my last release :)

    • So tell us Sarah, just when was your last release? Be easier to keep her locked “as long as (you)” if we knew just how long that is :)

  7. Well Miss Amarantha, last post voted to release you because I thought things were becoming too much for you, but from this post and your comments on the last post it is clear that this adventure should continue for a while longer!

  8. My vote is also NO this time, though I agree with the earlier comment that perhaps 10 days would be good for the first time.
    I think that Amarantha is doing a fantastic job, and I think that everyone appreciates the control that she has given up to everyone on this site. That being said, she does (happily) seem to have recovered somewhat from her more difficult spell a few days ago, and that’s a good thing. I would also be interested to hear about how the party went, whether anyone noticed, and so on.
    Keep it up, Amarantha, you’re doing a great job… try to stick it out for a couple more days, 10 days would be a brilliant accomplishment.

  9. Dear Amarantha…

    I must say, I am confused. What is it, you want? Well, Thursday evening I was pretty sure to vote you out of your predicament today – we have all had our fun, I think, and every challenge should come to an end, before it becomes boring.

    I haven’t voted yet…

    I think, when – or if – you will be let out, the keys to your chastity belt should simply stay with the webmaster. THEN there will be a different challenge: how long will you be able to stay out of the belt? When will you start ‘playing’ with the belt again? How long will it take until you snap both locks shut??

    Personally I would like to see you in a chastity bra as well. I am sure your keymaster… err: webmaster has one for you…

    And there is yet another thing! I really think, you should get payed for your work. This is after all a pay-site, and I presume the site collected some new members since you started there.

    About updates: maybe you should keep away from Fridays and Wednesdays. Leave those days for the other girls…

    Will decide later, how to vote!

    hugs from Daniela <3

  10. I suggest a contest, who will last longer in their belts,
    Donna or Amarantha, Donna is at her 81th day, does this seem an good idea Amarantha??

  11. She definitely needs to be put in a bra

  12. slavelabor says:

    Lets keep her, destroy the keys already.

    • Lothlorien says:

      Wendy, I think you radically overestimate the security of a physical lock. A locksmith could open My-Steel device quite easily.

  13. To all other readers…

    I think we should let her out now. We cannot keep her unlimited for weeks and months anyway.

    BUT, let US keep the keys to her belt. I am pretty sure, it won’t take long, before she will lock herself in once again. I must say, this aspect is to me much more thrilling than just to keep this game going…

    We must let her out now. And I think, she deserves to get payed!

    hugs from Daniela

    • I very much agree with you. However, I don’t think she’s at a point yet where she will concede that quite yet. We just have to be patient, enjoy her beauty and struggle, and hope the no’s stay high long enough that she tries to barter her way out.

      I say this confident in the fact that if something were seriously wrong the webmaster would address it. Also, I don’t think that her having to wear it longer than she expected will turn her off of her own expensive custom made belt.

      I think she knows this but is hoping to get enough votes from people ok with the duration and challenges on first. If you want her to think about negotiating ownership of the keys in exchange for release, you have to remain firm in your resolve.

      And hope the no’s remain high for now.

    • You know that acquiring the keys would be the real prize. Some people ask for things that are impractical/impossible, and there’s some fun in the asking but they’re no less practical/impossible. Some people ask for bras and bands and they can be fun but are fleeting. A nice memory before she leaves. Some people vote to let her out now hoping she’ll return but there’s no guarantee.

      But a scenario where she tells us to keep the keys (temporarily) if we’ll let her out is doable, tangible and anything but fleeting. And she would be back guaranteed.

      Thing is, in the car update she was excited and asking us to think about it soon. She isn’t at a point where she feels she has to offer anything up yet. I’m sure she thinks we’ll crack before she does. If she wants to get out she’ll do another appeal to the heartstrings. Only when she “really” wants out will she begin to consider what she could offer in return.

      I assure you I’d prefer she wasn’t belted long this time but that may have to be the case if we really want her keys. She is a much tougher nut to crack than you think. This isn’t a timid girl trying this for the first time. I look at it as, how long she has to wear it is up to her. As soon as she’s ready to leave the keys, let us know.

      Careful though, she’s going to pull those heartstrings again. You have to stay firm. I don’t know that she’d ever turn the keys over but we’re so close, we have to try.

      That video she’ll send in a day, a week, a months time, where she accidently put it on again. That would make this struggle worthwhile.

  14. dual mich says:

    You are wonderful; and you have a very amazing approach
    I admire the courage with which you have engaged in this great challenge; especially with you by giving the vote of your admirers
    The difficulties of the first days seem past and you seem happy (post 5) wearing your belt (your own belt)

    You are willing to stay as long as possible but you need an external review; there are now more than 650 people who support your desire by voting NO

    Some proposed challenges issued in the posts are interresting, especially the contest with Donna.
    She did a fantastic job;
    you can do the same;
    Prove to us that you are able
    Donna seems able to be belted for a long time, you are able too
    when Donna will be released, there will be only 71 days to reach
    then only one day to exceed her !

    Not having the experience of wearing a belt, I do not dare vote NO for fear of hurting you
    but knowing that your desire is to stay belted, would you vote on my behalf against your release?

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