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This report by Amarantha scared me a little, but I think it is just because she is definitely not a morning person! She still doesn’t sleep very well, and if she does, she falls asleep in the strangest places!
In this update, you will hear how much the belt affects her life: Amarantha had an argument with her boyfriend (about making this Deal), she is thinking about calling in sick for work, and she is not really thinking straight (but that could be the morning person again). She has a cold and that makes her bones ache a little bit more than usual. It is just a bad time for her to be in a belt. She wants to get on with her life, but being locked in a chastity belt is not helping with her daily troubles… Just hear her entire report and decide if you want to let her out. I think it is only a little depression she is going through, but if you feel that she should be unbelted, just vote her out! If you think she just needs a strong cup of coffee and a shower to brighten her day, you can keep her in the belt for a little longer.
Please vote below. Visitors: you are allowed to vote, but since you haven’t heard Amarantha make her case, please do not vote if you are not sure about your decision, this is not a game. Members: please watch the ENTIRE report to make up your mind. You can only vote once.

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  1. I do not understand how her boyfriend having great anal opening you can not have fun with it.

  2. @jprolanau says:

    I think its time to let Amarantha out. I think she has deserves her freedom. We dont want her to not one day want to come back and to a deal again. I wish her good luck. To everyone else i think its time to let her out.

  3. If he started this and would leave, he is a fool. The work situation is of greater concern though, as is checking your hips. If you could commit to another try, I think the vote would swing a lot further. That’s not to much to ask if the straits are as dire as you say.

  4. hello, having just watched Amarantha’s update and having read Wendy’s comments, I think that the time has come to let her out of the belt. Personally, I think that for her first time, 6 days is an amazing accomplishment for which she deserves EXTENSIVE praise.
    That being said, I agree with Wendy that we don’t want to make this so unpleasant for her that she will never want to do it again.
    Amarantha, we would definitely like you to stay belted for longer periods, but I think that, for a first time, you have done a wonderful job.
    Sorry to hear about your boyfriend, I hope that things straighten themselves out. If not, HIS loss.
    I hope that things work out with your job, as well.
    With much congratulations, I vote for your release.

  5. Well, I was originally going to vote to let her out on day 10… but since she called us sadists that she earned another day’s worth from me and my vote is now on day 11; also to tell her to apologize and show a little more appreciation.

    However, we also must remember that it’s now come to light that her boyfriend wasn’t in on the deal… and this deal shouldn’t ruin her relationship. It’s not worth it. I don’t care if she’s truly ill or not, or just a little depressed or not. We should let her out so she can repair her relationship with her boyfriend. I think everyone would agree that 6 days is a long time for someone who’s only done 2.

    I voted to let you out today Amarantha. Good luck!

    • The fact that she has had a fight with her boyfriend because voluntarily wearing a chastity belt in my opinion is less relevant for any health problems.

    • In the video, she said, “I know he’s the one who started this whole chastity thing, cause he thought it would be funny to lock me inside and see what people would do”. If he left then, I don’t know that I’d be in a hurry to repair that. Work and physical issues are a different story.

    • I agree. She’s not in your apartment nor in your like Dona or Natalia were. if its too much on him and its causing her harm then she should be let out of it a.s.a.p.

  6. hallo for all, I´m man,and i have chastity belt hips total modul – Master piece from Neosteel. I have own experience: is poesible wear it min. 7 days. In chastity belt I´usualy traweling in car, working in office, work in garden at home… so I thing they can stay longer than 3 days…

  7. According to her twitter she is hungover. I would probably also be angry for being locked away during a hungover.

  8. I’m agree with the others, especially Anon. It has a very little chance, but i hope she came back when she fixed her life.

    Amarantha, I also voted to let you out ASAP.

  9. ChastityLover says:

    I’m proud of Amarantha for giving us this deal. I felt that at least 7 days would be necessary to start. I don’t want this deal to be so uncomfortable that she won’t come back for more time in the belt. Giving us the keys is unprecedented, and I really appreciate it.

    I’m sorry about her boyfriend, but I think he would work with her if he really loved her, especially since he’s the reason she got the belt.

    I would love to keep her belted longer, but considering the circumstances, I think we should release her for a mental health day and hope to belt her again soon for a longer period.

  10. Hi. Having read the comments and having been in a chastity belt myself for 30 days, I have voted to release her.

    There are some points here to consider:

    – there are physical trouble with the belt. A metal belt just CANNOT be worn without adopting to it first. In this adaptation phase the waist band and crotch strap may be needed to be readjusted. It is like a new pair of uncomfortable shoes. They need to be worn in. You cannot just put someone in a new belt and take the keys away. That belongs to the realm of fantasy.

    – It would be a pity to annoy her and to turn her away from the kink. It needs to flourish and not to be crushed. A good dominant knows how to build his/her sub.

    – I think it would be MUCH better to turn off voting for non registered members. I am not a member myself, but reading the comments of the anons make me wonder. It seems to be hard for men to not forget the difference between reality of a lockup and a fantasy. Some years back there was a blog devoted to female orgasm denial, and the site was totally destroyed, when such a voting game got out of hand. A woman wanted to be key-held and the admins had the keys plus a photo of her belted and a photo of her identity card. She was playing a similar voting game, expecting maybe a few weeks at maximum. She would be locked for the number of days of “no”-votes, and unlocked when the “yes”-votes exceeded the no-votes. Or alternatively, she could opt-out, and demand her keys back at the price of public humiliation and having all her photos published. It all blew over when she suddenly got more than 200 days lockup time on the first voting. The admins were not mature enough to really reconsider the game and they finally aborted the game and released her (without the photo humiliation) when some blog visitors voiced legal concerns against the blog. Long and sad story. That’s the reason why I would take such voting’s behind “closed doors” where you have more committed and serious members and know the numbers of your crowd.

    • Stephen Miletus says:

      Airmat, the problem isn’t that some of us are not members but that being an Anon. If someone doesn’t put a name on their posts — even a nom de Internet, like me — they are avoiding responsibility for their words.

      As for me, my feeling is that it’s not fun if the person being tormented doesn’t enjoy it. Just reading the webmaster’s words above makes me concerned for her. (BTW< if Amarantha made it to 30 days, I would pay for a membership to show my appreciation for her efforts.) I had a look at her Twitter feed, & it revealed that one reason she looks so bad here is that she is hungover. I don't know if that was because she was out partying, or upset about what her boyfriend said.

      I'm not voting because I am conflicted. If I had more input than simply posting a message here & casting a vote, I'd tell Amarantha that she'd only get the key to her belt back if she broke up with her boyfriend & found one who was truly supportive of her needs. Someone living what is only a dream for many people deserves better than a whiney, self-centered guy. (And if he was really a dominant type, he'd enjoy finding ways to make her service him that would leave her frustrated — which is part of the chastity belt experience — without taking it off.)

      Not all of us who want to do evil things to women are unfeeling monsters.

  11. Sorry but the contract provides that in case you have problems with physical health is immediately released. Probably should just riucire to accept the fact that it is locked in a chastity belt and that for some time can not have sex traditional.

  12. ChastityLover says:

    It’s great to let everyone in on the action, but I agree with Airmat. Voting should be restricted to the paying members. Visitors to the site can’t view the updates, so they don’t have the benefit of viewing Amarantha’s updates.

    I think she can remain belted longer, but it’s a pity that there is such a long break between the Friday and Wednesday updates. If she doesn’t get out by Friday, it will be at least 5 days for another vote. I think she needs our support and compassion to help keep this a positive experience. It would be wonderful if Amarantha became part of this website on a longterm basis where she never has the keys.

  13. First of all I think it’s wrong to allow non-members to vote, as they won’t be able to see her response, and act accordingly. Too many will view this site occasionally and simply vote “no” for their own instant satisfation and then forget all about her afterwards.

    Secondly I think a week is more than enough for a first-time belting without any control for the participant. I know the average chastitybelt-fetishist has a day-number-fetish as well, but this is real-life and not some story. Have the respect for her ordeal, and call it a day when it’s due. If she enjoyed it, she will come back. If you pushed her too hard, she won’t.

    Thirdly I think the webmaster should call her, have a serious talk with her, and consider calling it a day despite the voting poll. It has been an excellent experiment so far. Can’t we all simply enjoy that, learn from it, and look forward to the next?

  14. So, there are a couple of things that really stand out to me from this report.

    First of all, due to the way this website updates, there’s a lot of downtime between the Friday and Wednesday. For someone who has done, at best, 2 days in a chastity belt, the time until next update is a literal eternity. This could be fixed to present more opportunities to vote, and I would consider Airmat’s proposal here.

    Second, I hope Amarantha reads some of these comments, as there has been lots of support from the membership, as well as solutions, tips, and goodwill. This thread is no exception.

    Third, based on the reports about the belt’s comfort in conjunction with the lack of prior experience with long-term lockup, the month-goal is totally untenable – two weeks is an eternity, and I feel this should be limited to some time between 1 week-2 weeks. A break is probably due at this point, and should she go for it, I think the community would be ecstatic to welcome her back for another short term.

    Fourth, the boyfriend’s lack of support is quite stunning, considering the chastity belt was his idea. He too is clearly frustrated by the lack of control over the situation (even he doesn’t have the keys), but he moved in a very destructive way on it. Rather than work with Amarantha’s state to satisfy himself, or just handle it in the WC, he said he would “go find ‘it’ elsewhere”. Chastity puts the wearer in an altered state of mind, very susceptible to rocky moods and conversations, and he could have done a much better job of supporting Amarantha.
    It was all fun and games for him until the sex dried up for, what is at the time of this post, 6 days? That’s a pretty poor job of self control from the chastity fan.

    All in all, for these reasons I voted to unlock Amarantha. Chastity is many things, but above all it’s a kink. At some level, it’s meant to be delicious torture. In light of recent events this has taken a sharp turn from the former towards the latter, and I would hate to crush Amarantha’s enjoyment of this kink with what is already becoming a bad experience.

  15. Bonjour,
    j’ai voté OUI pour la libéré de sa ceinture de chastete. C’est bien pour une première fois, l’obligé à continuer alors qu’elle n’est pas bien pourrais lui faire détester son expérience pour toujours.
    Je ne comprend pas la réaction de son amis.

  16. Amarantha, if we let you out today, are you up for a new challenge the next days or weeks?

  17. I have checked on her, she is doing fine :) And why does everyone think I will only post her reports on Wednesday and Friday? The previous one was posted on Saturday! Have some faith in humanity! (although judging from the votes I can see why you wouldn’t)

    • There have definitely been extra updates, for sure, but personally, I agree that only paying members should be voting, AFTER watching her updates.
      I have already voted to have her released, and I still think that that would be the best thing… pending a longer stay in her belt in the near future.

      • Canas Naesala says:

        Maybe a little video editing could be a great thing for the visitor.

        Like this, they can have an idea of the situation.

  18. 2/3 in the video she says: “I want to continue wearing the belt”. That cannot be misunderstood!

    Her begging in the end is just acting… At least 10 days! Lets see the update in a few days..

    Basically. She already lost her boyfriend – and it is too late to do anything about it if she also lost her job!

  19. Carpegenk says:

    As a part time chastity belt wearer and even as a non-member I have to agree to the arguments shown above. I have voted to release Amarantha, she still should keep the chance to enjoy wearing the belt in future deals.

  20. Oh my God, this is really hard…

    Well, I have not yet payed for a new membership, (will do so soon, I guess) so I cannot see your video now.

    But even if I could, would I be able to read your mind?? What do you really want, dear Amarantha??

    Some readers will let you out, because they fear, otherwise you might loose the ‘pleasure’ sooner or later. Hm…. *scratching my neck*

    Do you seek pleasure? Or do you seek domination??

    I think none of us is able to answer this, but you.

    Personally I have a different problem. How ‘cruel’ can I really be??? The old problem of the jailer and torturer. Saying ‘no’ gives me the creep, saying ‘yes’ makes me a wimp??? I don’t know. If I was a domme, I’d probably know, what to do. But I am not. (Maybe I am a sub…)

    And to you, dear webmaster, this is quite a challenge, to all of us. Anyway I think, there should be a new poll every day. So we can decide from day to day!

    Well, I made up my mind now and will vote now!!

    Enjoy your time, dear Amarantha!

    hugs from Daniela

  21. Arrogancy says:

    I honestly would only allow member votes to count. I say this as a non-member, even. If the webmaster really wants to involve non-members, maybe an alternative would be to let the non-member vote be worth a tenth as many points or something.

  22. Have you ever seen a beautiful woman bat her lashes and get what she wants?

    Have you ever heard a beautiful woman tell a tale of woe and then watch people falling over themselves to help?

    We’ve just seen a beautiful woman bat a lash, sniffle a little, tell a tale of woe and almost get released.

    That was a very good attempt, you bumped the needle pretty hard. The webmaster says you’re Ok and I trust his judgment. I very much look forward to your next attempt.

  23. Well – her lover must be a crying face – noting stops him from many nice activities with this cute woman – wont go into details.

    And she disappoint me on one point – her collar gone. So a no from Denmark for now…

  24. some observations, as a Neosteel total wearer and member on the site.
    1)when my chastity belt gives me pain, and I remove it (no keyholder) almost immediately afterwards, I begin to miss it, and want to get back in it again, no matter how illogical and painfull the results are, but I normally give my body a bit of rest before the next period.

    so no matter how much she might say she wants out, probably she will want to be back in it asap again shortly thereafter, based on this I might consider voting for her release, as she will want to be back in it in time at all.

    2)I don’t believe the boyfriend leaving statement, as following her twitter feed, she still seems to be toegether with him, unless I am interpreting it wrong.

    so that portion of the excuse is just a pleading excuse for the benefit of the members, based on that I would say stay locked up longer for being deceptive.

    but for the benefit of this website, I would probably like a release time schedule, but a re-locked schedule set up as well, also I would like to see a natural setting video of both Donna and Amarantha doing normal everyday things like shopping, restaurant, disco etc with both in their MySteel belts, possibly a subtle and natural (not posed) public exposure of the steel waist band or similar….as if it is totally natural to see a chastity belted girl in an everyday setting.

  25. Canas Naesala says:

    I’m not a member, I’m not even someone with a chastity belt, and I think let her out is the best idea.

    Why ?

    Even if the point made by WendyNeko and the other wearers are good, I think you forgot something, a simple piece of psychology : She don’t have the keys.

    And why I think this point is important ?

    When you have your own keys and a little problem come, you can say to yourself : “It’s nothing, and I it’s not, I can solve the problem myself.” and with this idea, every problem is not a big deal.

    Here, it’s not the case. If she want to get out, she have to ask us to open the belt. So every problem is a big problem. And when she have to explain the problem, maybe she will be a little overreacting (wo wouldn’t ?), and telling “the problem is bigger than reality” may made the problem actually grow bigger… (Like a placebo effect)

    But maybe I’m wrong. I haven’t see the report (WebMaster : maybe like you did with yours experimentations, a little video editing could be great for non-member, even if it’s a lot of work…).

    And for WendyNeko, if you want a keyholder to test my point, you can found me on the web with my pseudo (I use it all the time). We can talk about it.
    Even for the other wearers : found someone you think is capable of holding your key, and even if he doesn’t leave close to you, you can put the key in an envelope and seal it, then opening it only when your keyholder decide (but I think this is a different experience).

  26. chastityman says:

    Les français ont l’air assez nombreux ici finalement.

  27. Has anybody thought of doing this with Donna, my point is that Amarantha is a model heavily involved in the kinky lifestyle, while donna is more your typical girl next door.
    I think she is more genuine than a model heavily involved in the scene, and besides Donna has been in her belt for almost 80 days, GIVE HER A BREAK!.
    Sorry Amarantha, just speaking my mind.

    • Just making sure nobody forgets her, just waiting for the site of donna living her daily life in her amazing belt, the girl next door is kinda my thing.
      Wouldn’t it be an amazing scene that she meets someone nice and couldn’t be intimate with him/her and asking ( begging ) to be released.
      Webmaster this is what you call a HINT!

    • Amarantha says:

      The fact that I am involved in a kinky lifestyle doesn’t mean it is easier for me to stay in a belt.
      My kink is purely based on a heavy rubber fetish, which is absolutely nothing like wearing an uncomfy steel belt 24/7.
      Also besides the fact I take rubber pictures a lot, I also have to maintain a so called regular life, with a regular 9/5 job, relationships and social life, family, just like everyone else.
      What is not girl-next-door or genuine about that then?
      Currently I got a lot of personal situations to fix, and I don’t want to be too vocal about it on the www right now (Only in the member updates) cause I am pretty sure ‘some people’ are reading along every word said here.

      Also to Donna: CONGRATS! 80 days! That is a great achievement!


      • So you have your own belt but not used to wearing it?
        Who said that models do not have a social life.
        Please read the comments again, MY opinion is that a girl who does this for the second time and without any significant obstacles makes it all the way to 80 days, compared to another lady who is no stranger to this lifestyle are not the same.

        • Amarantha says:

          I see what you mean.
          But yes, exactly. I have my own belt, used a belt a few times shortly for a photoshoot in the past, but I have never worn it for a longer period of time. I’m a trained ballet dancer and social worker and with both I’m simply not able to pull this off. I stopped my dance training for now because I am not allowed in class with steel on my body of any kind for safety reasons, and have to wear the right clothes to hide the belt cause I’ll be fired for sure.
          Now this is a first for me as well, as you probably could see. Just wanted to let you know.

          • Point taken.
            I know what i said can easily be mistaken as offensive, the reason is that you asked for a challenge where the audience desides, this ( in my opinion ) is the best way to make it a real challenge. where you have to work really to bet let out of your belt, so nothing personal it is after all a mind game, nothing more nothing less.
            btw jammer dat we niet in het nederlands van gedachten kunnen wisselen, sterkte met je persoonlijke problemen oplossen.


  28. Lothlorien says:

    Well, Amarantha, if you’re going to call me a sadist, I’m going to keep you locked up. I think you’re talking much too much about what’s important to you – “everything I care about”, “what I really want”. How incredibly selfish of you! Maybe if you’re nicer I’ll be more inclined to change my mind. Perhaps a little more time locked up with that wet, needy pussy of yours kept off-limits behind a steel shield will get your creative juices flowing and teach you how to beg properly. Well I’m sure they’ll get SOME kind of juices flowing, in any case.

    In seriousness for a moment, folks: contracts of the kind that has with its models are simply not enforceable. If Amarantha were really at risk of “losing everything” she could visit a locksmith tomorrow and be out. And one thing I’ve found in my experience with subs is that whenever they call you a sadist, it’s a pretty reliable indicator that whatever else they’re saying, they’re definitely still into the scene.

    Of course, if things really are no longer ok, that is what safewords are for. I am going to assume that the webmaster is a responsible person who has built such reasonable safeguards into his agreement, though I would really prefer that said agreement be posted publicly, so that, a) We all understand that what goes on is done safely and responsibly, and b) so that inexperienced people who find this content on the internet understand what responsible behavior entails.

  29. Amarantha Hello, could you explain why someone like you that you have your chastity belt and that the already tried several times to wear it before this challenge you are not able to understand that the belt will cause you physical pain? In my opinion, a girl who asks for help from a web community to keep the keys to his belt is because with only manages to resist the urge to give pleasure by stimulating her vagina. By voting no you’re just helping the community to accomplish your desires. In my consent to be released should be given only when he proves that he accepted the belt.

  30. My advice is Dona had been belted for 80 days and she’s not model so I think the one who need a break, it’s her.
    So, maybe it can be an nice oportunity for new rules :

    1) Dona’s advice count for 25%
    2) Every 7 days Amarantha spend in the chastity belt = 1 free day for Dona.
    3) For a good “mind fuck” : If Amarantha do a challenge (plug, shock, restrain…) = 1 free day for Dona

    With this rules, Dona should be an important part of the challenge with a good balance between free or not Amarantha but poeple still have an important part of decision.

    What do you think about ?

  31. Amarantha says:

    Hey there,
    I’m still alive as you can see ;-)
    Well.. these days have been turbulent for sure.
    About Twitter: Thank you for following me!
    I just wanted to let you know that I won’t be posting much or too obvious stuff about the belt and personal situations on my Twitter feed because since a few days family members started following me.
    And erm well… let’s say they aren’t aware of everything.
    They know I like latex and ‘do some photoshoots every now and then’ but they don’t know the nature of the actual work.
    And some stuff you just don’t want them to know.
    Same goes for the current issues, don´t want to bring that into the family until I worked it out one way or another.
    And I gotta do something about the family, either tell or block them cause I want to write freely without restrictions.
    So aside of the belt, a whole lot of stuff coming at me right now haha. This is one of the coolest, most frightening but somehow fun thing I have ever done. So I don´t want to give up just like that. But yeah, we will see how the next days will go and how you´ll vote for me!
    Thanks everyone for your input and support, I really enjoy reading your comments and they help me to keep going.

    • In case the no vote continues to remain over 50% and something happens in your personal life that requires getting out asap, do you have a safe word?

    • Stephen Miletus says:

      Amarantha, I’m glad to see your challenge isn’t as unpleasant as it was first reported. Let’s see how many days you are able to achieve!

      As for your Twitter feed, don’t worry about needing to post openly. Speaking for myself, I’m more interested in your mood than the details of your trial. If your tweets are light & about things like cats, I’ll know your mood is good; if your tweets are full of complaints about your panties & being unable to scratch an itch, I’ll suspect you might not be happy about your challenge.

      And if you get overwhelmed with the personal issues you’re working thru, feel free to distract yourself by watching your favorite porn.

  32. A good optimization problem:

    At the time Amarantha reaches 25% of the time Donna has been locked up – at that time she should be let out. That is, if Amarantha had been locked up for 20 days by now, she should have been released today. But she has only been locked up for 7 days. So anyone… try calculating! When does this happen?

  33. Amarantha, any chance that you and Donna will meet to make the update number 300 here together?

    Keep my fingers crossed for that.



  34. Given that the girl likes to play you might decide that every time you want to make a new survey to be released the condition of her chastity must be increased with the addition of new devices chastity.

  35. I am currently a non-member but plan to subscribe soon once I have some more money. It seems to me that if she was so desperate to be unlocked she would be sending through more updates to be posted, this update is over 2 days ago and the other updates are also spread out by a few days in between them. just my two cents :D

  36. This poll is now closed, please vote on the latest report, thank you.

  37. the best thing is to keep the bitch locked up forever!!!!

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