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One of the most well known chastity babes on the internet is from my country: The Netherlands. You have undoubtedly seen fetish model Amarantha LaBlanche wearing a chastity belt on many other websites. She actually owns a custom made hip-style My-Steel belt, and has always been one of my favorite models. She is so real, and REALLY into the lifestyle!
You can imagine my excitement when she wrote me, asking for help. Amarantha told me she had never been locked in her belt for more than 2 days without breaks. As her boyfriend does not share her interest in chastity, she always had to hold her own keys, which after about 48 hours usually gets too much for her. The frustration and the complications of living in the belt are enough for her to give up after the initial excitement of locking herself into her belt.
So she needed someone to hold the keys. In fact: she wanted to make a Chastity Deal like one that has never been seen on the internet before: Amarantha will trust YOU (the members and visitors of this website) with the keys to her belt!! She will only be unbelted if enough of you think she has made a good effort!
How are we going to do this? Well, first of all: this is real. In real time. So please don’t play around and don’t have unrealistic demands for her. Amarantha will make her own video updates and send them in on a regular basis. She will also tell you why she thinks she has been belted long enough. If you think she makes a good case, and you want to let her out, please comment on that particular video update. If more people want her out than in, she will get released. If not, she will have to send in a new selfie video to show her progress and report on her daily life in the belt.
This update was shot yesterday, so she already has been in the belt for a day. I haven’t heard from her since, but no news is good news. I really have her keys right here. She can not get out, it is a super tight belt (her pussy is pressed very firmly against the perforated secondary shield as you can clearly see if you are a member). She can go to the toilet without problems, she is used to that, look at the awesome fit of the anal opening on the back of her belt in the video! It is perfect, she will have no problems there. So in theory, she can be belted for a long time…
When I receive an update from her, I will post it, so that will probably be sooner than Wednesday! Let’s all be strict but kind to this awesome fetish girl, who put her fate in our hands!!


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  1. Well this is a wonderful idea ! As a member, I’m very pleased to hear that Amarantha will be trusting us all with her key. I’ll definitely be checking for updates more often than I usually do !
    I hope that she will find her belt as comfortable as WendyNeko does, and be able to keep it on for an extended period.
    Go for it Amarantha, we all support you !

  2. Oh boy… err: girl!!

    I think I will soon have to become a member again!! Well, Amarantha, that is quite a deal! I must admit, it is really mindblowing. I hope, members and visitors will be nice… and keep you locked for a good amount of time. Or do you want to be released soon??? Anyway, I guess it will be longer than you asked for!
    Enjoy it and stay well. And I think I will have to wear my own MY-STEEL more often again…. a shame, I don’t have a keyholder as well…

    hugs from Daniela from Denmark

  3. Very nice challange Amarantha, but I fear (hope) that with the crowd here you are in for a really long time :)

    I usually stay locked for 3-4 weeks between releases, and I think that much longer than that will be a problem. However, there is no need to leave you out of the belt for long. A quick supervised shower, and then the belt can be locked back on for another period ;)

  4. I totaly agree with WendyNeko. One month would be just enough for her!

  5. It’s a very nice idea but I think most members won’t give their consent too early. One week without sex? Well most members here have to wait longer… one month? hm… still not a very long time… 6-8 weeks…let’s see. Do you have a good reason? Is there a special someone you’d like to have sex with? Show us that someone and maybe, if I like him, I’ll give my ok :-P
    I’ll never give my ok any earlier than 6 weeks though ;-)

  6. Well, that is certainly brave of her–and hot, too. If she gives in herself after two days, I can’t wait to see what she looks like in a week or two! I’d suggest she start thinking about what she could do to convince us.

  7. I think being locked for somewhere between 1 – 2 weeks should suffice. Although, I wouldn’t be complaining if it is decided to be longer too.

  8. keyholder says:

    this actually sounds like a great idea! However, how long will it take for everyone on this site to become disgusting white knights and unlock her?

  9. I’d like to see her go for a swim in a one-piece swimsuit. Preferably in public if she’s brave enough.

  10. Tempting, very tempting! Though I will have to try and be relatively well-behaved. As you say, we can’t be cruel… but we shouldn’t be too easy either, this should be a challenge, after all!

  11. slavemale2004 says:

    I am disappointed that her boyfriend isn’t into chastity play. The fun that could be had with a female in chastity is practically limitless – a modern day 50s housewife.

    I think a few challenges are in order, before the possibility of parole.

  12. Well, this challenge is exciting enough to become a member :)

    Amarantha, you are my favorite right now. You’re a very brave girl thanks to trust in us, i hope you are well prepared… ;)

  13. Amarantha says:

    Hello everyone,
    Thanks for the support and the fun messages on here!
    The belt is (of course) still on, and although I’ve been through a lot of pretty hardcore kinky stuff already, this will be a real physical challenge for me.
    I’m starting to feel a bit nervous now :D
    Cya soon!

  14. Hi! Ok, I am a man but my longest lockup was over half a year, it only ended as my CB-6000 broke. A month would be nice. Would it be possible for us to give her chores too, which if not properly fulfilled would add a day or two? Justins suggestion would be a nice starter of the chores. An other part would naturally be for her to take Donna to some touristic places and maybe they even ended up in a real restaurant or a bar together.



    • It suddenly struck me, number 300 is approaching at a high speed and if there are no other plans already for it a visit to a bar and a bottle of champagne for Donna and Amarantha together would be a nice film, of course Donna would have to be provided with a skirt or a dress for that but I guess it wouldn´t be totally impossible?

  15. Amarantha says:

    Thank youuu! ;-)

  16. Considering how tight the belt was (a bit too tight) I think even a week will be an achievement. So we should wait at least a week and if the only “problem” is growing frustration, add another week. :)

    I agree with Ingemar, somekind of “double teaming” would be great.

  17. As a first job challenge could teach a Donna how to always wear shoes with high heels.

  18. slavelabor says:

    DESTROY THE KEYS!!! make her ours forever shes just to perfect like that.

    • Stephen Miletus says:

      Well, it might make for an interesting photo shoot if three weeks into a month-long session the model were told the keys to her belt were lost. Have her come to the office (where the keys are thought to be “lost”) & record her reactions as she frantically searches for the keys. Then a few days later, let her know they’ve been found, & she will be released on schedule.

      (Of course you can’t do this to Amarantha. She reads the comments here, & wouldn’t be fooled. ;-)

  19. This is a very unique idea.

  20. ChastityFan says:

    This is a great challenge and idea, good luck with that Amarantha!

    Here is a list of idea that may be useful and interesting for you and members.
    First is the voting on the site about releasing Amarantha from the chastity belt. (lets try 80% votes for release and if it more then 400 votes is okay)
    Second thing is about list of challenges from webmaster or users that Amarantha should complete before she has a chance to get released.
    Last but not least is idea that after we all think that it is time to release Amarantha she will be released one week after. Of course if it doesnt make medical problems.

  21. Let’s think of challenges she has to complete before we release her…

    – try to get off
    – wear (lockable) blindfolds for 24 hours
    – go to a nudist beach all locked up
    – talk about how horny you are and how badly you need an orgasm: beg for it ;-)
    – sing a song of our choice and dance while singing
    – perform a strip show
    – spend time in a cage
    – pleasure somebody else
    – make out with another chastity baby
    – Wear a rigid fiddle for 24 hours
    – eat (way too) hot (=spicy) food
    – wear stupid things in public

  22. Saturday, at noon.

    Once again I must say, I am quite astonished about all this mental cinema – Kopfkino, in German.
    I think we should never forget, there is a living person right now fighting her inner bastard – Schweinehund, you know.

    I am pretty sure, you would get your keys from the webmaster, whenever you ask for them, dear Amarantha.

    Anyway, the thought, we have something to say in the matter, is very tempting. But how on Earth should this ever work? Already now we see, people – men!! – are going out of their mind (if they have one!)
    A real poll should be connected to any of your videos or reports. Just vote yes or no. Maybe it could work that way… (Of course it would not work. I already see lots of your admirers voting NO, NO, NO over and over again! ;) )

    So this is day three. Only day three. And there are really some guys out there who want to keep you locked for months….

    I hope you are fine for the time being. Enjoy the feeling, as long as it is enjoyable!!

    big hugs from Daniela <3

    • Not all of us are unrealistic!

      What is your own record? And for how many years have you been into chastity youself?

  23. One all year will be a real challenge! Why not?

  24. ZOMG this is hot, Hot, HOT!! I own one of those ball-trap male chastity devices, but my wife is not into chastity and holding my own keys is no fun. So I totally understand Amarantha’s point of view.

    Secondly, (being as I have a bit of a potty fetish) the anal opening on the back of her belt is perfect!! Being able to attend to the call of nature while belted adds to the realism of these pictures.

    This is enough to sign up for a membership again, and increase my internet speed. Please share lots more of Amarantha!!!!

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