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/]Professional glamour model Jenni Czech is all over Europe, and whenever she is near Holland, she likes to come over for a few days to shoot for my websites. Of course, this means she will be locked into a chastity belt for the duration of her stay, but she is completely used to that now. She even grabs her own (golden) chastity belt when she comes in, puts it on, and snaps shut her own padlock! Well, she always goes to the toilet first ;)
Last month, Jenni was over for 3 days. It is nice to talk to her, she is getting more and more confident in her belt. She will do her own shopping on her lunch breaks and she even grabs a camera to film her own behind-the-scenes clip! She even speaks English so I don’t have to subtitle her!
We have so much fun during our shoots, and you can see why! Jenni is one of my regular models now, and she will come up with her own chastity challenges, or act as a reference / advisor for girls who want to apply for a Chastity Deal. It’s unbelievable how this gorgeous girl has become so used to being in a belt.
“It’s a little bit hard to stay clean, but I will wash when I get home.”, Jenni said jokingly on her lunch break. She still walks a little funny in the belt, which was probably noticed by the people in the supermarket, but she just doesn’t care. If only she lived a little closer, I would have her in the studio all day! Now if only I could find a golden chastity bra…

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  1. ChastityLover says:

    Jenni is so beautiful! Very photogenic & yes, she looks amazing in chastity!!

  2. Oh man, she is gorgeous!!!! And her belt look good on her!

  3. Sounds like you have another resident model on your hands. From what little I’ve seen and read, she’s also a friend of Dominique’s or as close as they come, not to mention of your regular models. She needs a good friend.

  4. The most beautiful girl you have modelling on this site.

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