chastity belt 

Spending a day cuffed to someone, can you imagine that? That’s already a big Challenge, but imagine having to do so in the middle of another (even bigger) Challenge: wearing a tight chastity belt for 10 days without any breaks.
Silvie and Deborah got along fine though, the chain was quite long, the cuffs were padded, and they only encountered some minor hurdles. Getting a glass of milk from the kithen for Deborah turned out to be a little more work than usual. Deborah couldn’t go home to sleep in her own bed, so she had to stay over again. The girls had cuffed themselves in such a way that Deborah had to sleep on Silvie’s side of the bed though…
And they had to sleep with their tops on, because there was no way of taking them off. The footage of them realising this is very funny. Interestingly, they would later describe this as the easiest Challenge, even though in their big collars they were not attached together.
With only 4 days left to go, these girls were counting down the days. They were so looking forward to the last day, where the belts would be taken off and they would receive their cash prize. But a lot can happen in 4 days…

Dutch dialogue. English subtitles are included in the member download!

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  1. Dirk M says:

    Stumbled across this site and I find it delightful! I am very jealous however. :) Best wishes.

  2. That was great! I hope that we have similar challenges in The future. I hope that next time you use normal handcuff to cuffed girls together.

  3. An idea for a progression would be the two tided together with a chain not to the wrist cuffs, but to each other expandable and lockable butt plugs :))

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